In the Stacks – Art, Events, and Galleries…Oh My!

In the Stacks: A Blog Straight from the Mind of Steve

Hello dear readers! I bring to you today, a wonderful bunch of info in regards to something you probably didn’t know the libraries in Las Vegas even had… Events and Galleries!!! That’s right everybody, in practically every Las Vegas-Clark County Library District branch, there is an art gallery, a conference room, concert hall, theatre, etc.

Why does this matter? Because it is yet another service the district provides each and every one of you in order to expand your understanding of art and culture and more often than not, it’s just as free as when you check out items with your library card.

Years and years ago some very wonderful people who worked with the Library District decided they wanted to make spaces available for our patrons that could allow for further social entertainment. They wanted art galleries so artists could display their works for our local patrons. They wanted conference rooms so various community businesses could hold meetings and seminars. They wanted theatres and concert halls so that artists could perform their music or dance/stage performances in front of an audience.

And so they worked and worked, and when the dust settled, the Las Vegas-Clark County District walked away with quite literally some of the best performing arts spaces in the city. And for years now, the District has helped put on display some of the best art and performance pieces Las Vegas has ever had! Continue reading


In the Stacks: Spotlight on Hugh Laurie

hughlaurieI am sure all of you House M.D. fans are going to love this one. For years you have probably admired the way that Dr. Gregory House could walk into a room of achieving doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators leaning on his cane covered in flames and shouting “You idiots!”, and not only would he not get fired, he would be praised for his work every episode. The man behind the cane was none other than Hugh Laurie. Mr. Laurie has been acting on shows and movies for the last several decades. He has starred in other shows like Jeeves and Wooster and starred in movies that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. One thing I would like to start off with in the blog is this bit of fun fact… I never knew that Hugh Laurie was British!!!

Well more to the point, Mr. Hugh Laurie is much more than a very talented actor. He is quite possibly one of the most interesting people in the entertainment industry today. Why so do you ask? Well, besides having a stunning ability to speaking with a spot-on American accent, he is a writer as well! Back in 1996 Hugh wrote a book called The Gun Seller which has been a best seller and is currently available on our very own book shelves in the Library District.

Had enough facts yet? Well think again readers! There is even another special fact to know about Mr. Hugh Laurie… HE SINGS TOO!!! It appears that among his many other talents, Hugh fancies himself a musician too, making two records thus far. Those two albums are Let Them Talk and the newly released Didn’t It Rain. I have to admit I saw a live recording of Hugh Laurie performing on the Queen Mary on PBS and boy can he sing! I am about to get my copy of Didn’t It Rain and I cannot wait to hear it all the way through. A man who has the most ordinary British accent you’ve ever heard, that can also sound absolutely American (and kind of like a jerk), AND also sing in the deepest Bluesy voice the likes of Tom Waits is clearly someone worth your time.

And again, he isn’t that bad an actor. In the District we have literally dozens of DVDs, CDs, and books all headlining Hugh Laurie. So stop on by and explore the many works of this amazing man. Until next time dear readers, stay classy, and stay reading… and listening, if you’re privy to music.


In the Stacks: Renewals and YOU!

In the Stacks: A Blog Straight from the Mind of Steve

This week’s edition: Renewals and YOU

emediaHello my fellow readers! It has been quite some time since I wrote last, I am so terribly sorry for the delay. I am writing today to share some new news that I have recently discovered and to shed some light on older news. What news am I talking about? Well I am talking about the greatest tool that is accessible to everyone in this district… RENEWALS!!!!

What are renewals you may ask (but probably not)??? Renewals are when you keep an item longer than when the item is initially due back. So to be a little nostalgic here, who remembers when you could only renew an item once? Yes to all of you interested folks out there, there was indeed a time in the district long long ago when you could only renew any item once. How the district didn’t buckle and shrivel down under the strain of that rule is certainly nothing short of a miracle. But now as we live and breathe, it is absolutely possible that any item you check out from one of our fabulous library branches is able to be renewed as many times as you want, provided that the items DO NOT have outstanding holds on them. Also, at certain libraries, periodicals (magazines) are only eligible to be renewed once. Another point is that items from one of the other libraries like the North Las Vegas branches might still only be able to get renewed once. I can say from experience though, that there are certain circumstances where library staff can circumvent that policy on a strictly case by case basis.

And to emphasize again how to renew your items I have a couple of simple solutions for you guys. The first way you can renew an item is to go to the self-check kiosks that you used to first check out your items and follow the same procedures as last time. Those procedures being that you enter in your card number and then your PIN. From there you just place the items back on the RFID pad to trigger your current due date. If the items don’t read on the pad, then by all means you can just scan the items under the portable scanner next to the pad. If you don’t have the items with you do not panic because you can still renew the items manually. To do that you just enter your card number and PIN on the kiosk to get to your main page. Then you press the bottom tab on the login screen that tells you how many items are checked out to you. Once that screen you selected pops up, you will see your full list of currently checked out titles. Then you just select the items that you want to renew and hit the “Renew Items” button on the bottom right corner of the screen. The items will trigger the new due dates and once you hit the “Logout” button you will get a new receipt with the renewed items listed as well as the new due dates. The next approach to renewing an item is to renew online. You will need to access your online account by going to our website (everyone say it with me, “”) and clicking on the “My Account” tab in the main screen. You will be prompted to enter your library card number and PIN and then a new page will come up to display your name and everything currently checked out to you. Like on the self-check kiosks, you can select the items that you want to renew and then hit the “Update” tab on the top of the screen to renew the titles. Now take a moment here fellas because it is up to you as patrons to make sure a new due date pops up after all that. Again, if there’s holds on an item and for some reason the items couldn’t be renewed, don’t go thinking that just because you followed the steps and hit all the right buttons that everything gets automatically renewed. CHECK FOR THE NEW DUE DATES!!! And just in case you all were thinking this, allow me to fill you all in on another detail about renewals. If you have an item that is overdue and you want to renew it, don’t think you won’t have a fee if you renew the item while it’s late. An item can still be renewed on your card (although late) for more time, but you will accrue whatever the current late fees are on your record. Late fees are typically .25 cents per item per day. The goal is to enjoy your items for as long as possible without owing us money. That way we are all happy.

Now dear readers… that was just the old news I wanted to bring up for your knowledge. Here is where the information gets “juicy” so to speak. As I’m sure it has become abundantly clear to most of you, our library district has become more and more experienced in this new technological age by increasing our services in the form of e-Media. The one main question that every e-Media savvy patron asks us is: “Can you renew e-Media items?”, and if you’ve ever asked a staff member that question then you already know the answer… NO. Yet I sit here today proud to tell you all that as of Monday, July 22nd– that policy is about to change. Starting this coming Monday, e-Media items will be eligible to get renewed once for you guys. Here’s how the new service will work: Once you check out (download) an e-Media item, you then go back into your online e-Media account and there will be a new tab next to the item title that simply says “Renew”. By selecting that tab, you are putting yourself back on the request list for the item that you just checked out. This way, once your item has reached its expiration date and would normally clear itself from you record, the item will just “fill your hold” and then you can check the item out again for a longer time. Now there is an obvious point to be made that if you aren’t the next person on the hold list for the item, you will have to wait longer to check it out again. But I have to say everyone, something is better than nothing right?

So mark your calendars for Monday the 22nd, and try out this amazing new feature provided to you by the one and only LVCCLD. Until next time fellow library lovers, stay reading, and stay classy. J