In the Stacks – Art, Events, and Galleries…Oh My!

In the Stacks: A Blog Straight from the Mind of Steve

Hello dear readers! I bring to you today, a wonderful bunch of info in regards to something you probably didn’t know the libraries in Las Vegas even had… Events and Galleries!!! That’s right everybody, in practically every Las Vegas-Clark County Library District branch, there is an art gallery, a conference room, concert hall, theatre, etc.

Why does this matter? Because it is yet another service the district provides each and every one of you in order to expand your understanding of art and culture and more often than not, it’s just as free as when you check out items with your library card.

Years and years ago some very wonderful people who worked with the Library District decided they wanted to make spaces available for our patrons that could allow for further social entertainment. They wanted art galleries so artists could display their works for our local patrons. They wanted conference rooms so various community businesses could hold meetings and seminars. They wanted theatres and concert halls so that artists could perform their music or dance/stage performances in front of an audience.

And so they worked and worked, and when the dust settled, the Las Vegas-Clark County District walked away with quite literally some of the best performing arts spaces in the city. And for years now, the District has helped put on display some of the best art and performance pieces Las Vegas has ever had! Continue reading


In the Stacks: The IT Crowd

itcrowdI must admit that I have been practically addicted to this show for years now. The IT Crowd is a truly hy-sterical British comedy show that was released back in 2006 and achieved 4 seasons of laugh out loud (or to you youngsters, LOL) antics by the phenomenal, multi-talented actors behind their roles. The show details the lives of the underappreciated IT Department of quite possibly the most successful business in Britain (nay, the World)! Many of you can probably relate, as many of you I’m sure have never ventured into the IT Department office at your local work, and are only used to them being off in their own little worlds probably screening tons of data feed from various computers and remotely fixing any little glitch that pops up on your screens. If that was your perception of that department, this will completely flip you on your heads. It is truly a show that tech savvy people will appreciate as well as anyone who loves farcical comedy.  And also fellas, anytime you may hear someone all of sudden blurt out in a horrible Irish accent “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” then just know they definitely got it from watching this show.

Leading the cast are the two main characters Roy and Moss, played by Chris O’Dowd and Richard Ayoade. Ayoade might not seem that familiar to you, unless by chance you have seen the movie The Watch with Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn. On a side note, The Watch is definitely a side splitting dark comedy movie worth seeing, if that’s your thing. You will probably recognize O’Dowd from his other comical roles in Gulliver’s Travels with Jack Black, or possibly even Pirate Radio. That would be the movie where I first saw Chris and decided I had to see what other work he’d done. Sure enough, when looking through the library database for his other appearances I came across this show. My life has been complete ever since. Ha-ha

The other main players of the show would be that of Mrs. Katherine Parkinson (who can also be seen if you watch Pirate Radio) as Jenn, the computer I-lliterate IT Department Head who actually believes Moss and Roy when they tell her such gems as “If you type the word “GOOGLE” into GOOGLE, you can break the Internet” as well as believe that a small black box Moss and Roy give her is actually the Internet. What hilarity ensues? … Well you just have to watch and see. The other person I absolutely must mention is non-other than Mr. Matt Berry. What more can I say folks? That man is a comical genius! Matt plays Douglas Reynholm, the CEO of Reynholm Industries, which is the multi-billion dollar company Moss, Roy, and Jenn work for. Now granted, Matt does not appear until Season Two. He inherits the business from the former CEO Denholm Reynholm (his father) played by Chris Morris. Douglas is a nitwit of a boss who simply spends more money than he has and chases around every woman he comes in contact with. He also takes a special liking to Jenn. I’m sure you can only imagine the type of shenanigans they get into as the series carries on. Speaking of Matt Berry, he not only is a fantastically entertaining actor, he is also a musician. A musician that has released several albums to moderate success, and we even have one of in the District! He definitely surprises as an artist, having a deep British accent for his shows but yet sounding almost exactly like Todd Rundgren when he sings. He also plays most of the instruments himself when he records. He’s just truly another example of a multi-talented individual I strongly recommend you take notice of.

In conclusion guys, we have all 4 seasons of the show in our catalog to check out. So if you feel the need to try out a new show that you would want to entertain you and bring some much needed laughter in this technology prone, silly world we live in now; look no further than this show. I promise it won’t disappoint. OH! I would not be doing this show any good if I didn’t take this time to mention that for all of you fans out there, that although there were only 4 seasons, the original cast got together last year and shot a special episode which you can see on YouTube. So until next time folks… stay reading, stay classy, stay watching.


In the Stacks: A Hodgepodge of Library Facts and Fun

newyearblogMany apologies dear readers! It has been such a time since I last wrote a blog. I know it has just been killing y’all inside not to get your latest library fix. Well I am back writing, and at such a marvelous time too. The holidays are among us, and a brand new year is starting just a matter of days from now. I have been wracking my brain for weeks, thinking about what to write about next. I have finally decided that I have a whole bunch of things I’d like to address here, and I can only hope that as a holiday gift, you all will enjoy what I have to say.

This last year has brought about so many wonderful things. This Library District still stands to be such an amazing place, both for staff and for patrons. There have been many new fantastic changes taking place, as well as tons and tons of new and exciting programs, in and effort for our community to get together and enjoy themselves. Specifics you ask? Well, where can I begin? Let me start by saying how fortunate we are to add a couple phenomenal new people to our staff. This year we sadly said farewell to our long standing, and in a word “perfect” Deputy Director Robb Morss. That was one phoenix we all were sad to lose, yet rising from its ashes is Mr. Tom Fay. Tom has come to us from the Henderson Public Library System, and what a positive impact he has already made. I have been told he has many wonderful ideas for us. I know that he is a man committed to excellence, and will take our district to new and wonderful heights. Following the introduction of Mr. Fay we have our brand new Programming and Venues Manager, Mr. Matthew McNally. Mr. McNally comes to us straight from Bally’s own Donn Arden’s Jubilee! Matthew has an extensive (and most impressive) background in theatre and production services. With Tom and Matt as our new head honchos in the district, there is no limit to the possibilities of greatness they will provide for us all.

On a sadder note, this coming year we will be losing our Executive Director Ms. Jeanne Goodrich. Jeanne has been with the district for many years now. She came to us right in the middle of Las Vegas’ drastic economic recession following the retirement of our previous Executive Director Mr. Dan Walters. When Dan left, a request for a new Director to help guide us through the impending repercussions of the ever worsening economy went out nationwide. Soon enough, we were left with only a few hopeful candidates to pick as our new Executive Director. I am here to say; thank goodness the final pick was Jeanne. Without her stepping up to the plate and immediately running all business in our District, there is no telling where we would be today. Jeanne will be greatly missed, and I know we all wish her the absolute best on her new life path. Thank you for all you have done (and luckily, for now, still do) for us Jeanne.

Well, with staff aside, there is still the matter of the ever growing services that the District offers daily to our public. This year started the final passing and launch of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare, as many of you know it). Now in terms of the website to register for healthcare, there have been ups and downs. However, since day 1 LVCCLD has been there to answer any initial questions about it, and provide as much information as possible to helping every interested person about the various health plans and registration process. There are currently several local groups frequenting our various library branches to further the knowledge of the Affordable Care Act to all who sign up for their seminars & meet ups. For more information, you can always ask a local librarian, or just visit our website,

Oh boy… what’s next? How about some general library card facts for everybody? Sound boring? I think not. There is some important information I must further emphasize to you all. To start, library cards do in fact expire everybody. I know… it is a major buzz kill. When you first sign up for a library card, we enter you into our expansive District-wide database. This creates a record for every person that gets a library card. That record is automatically set to a certain expiration date every year. Now there are some exceptions to this (I’ll spare you the details) but typically, every library card will expire one year to the day that you first get set up with your new card. When that year has come, you must go into any local library with your card and photo ID to renew your account. The staff will confirm your information and update your record. Why do we do this? Well say you move; we need the new address. If your old phone fell in the toilet and you replaced it with a brand new smart phone and got a whole new number (we all know it happens, don’t lie); we need that number. Well ok… we don’t NEED it, but it helps. What helps even more is having a valid email address for you so that we can notify you when items you check out are coming due. This was you can renew or return the items on time to prevent fees. Also, if you request an item, we send you an email the same day we process your hold at your requested library. Also, if you guys are wondering, NO we do not sell off your email address and other personal information. What gets put in your library record is strictly for library use only, and stays that way. We hold privacy of this information as a top priority. However, to ensure that what is in there is accurate, we need validation of the most current information for each record, hence… come in person and renew your cards once a year folks. On a side note… we also request that any and all fees on your record be paid on the renewal date as well. A chance to start fresh you might say. I guess that’s all I have to say about that. Still think all that sounds boring? Well… then I’m sorry.

OOOH! Something else popped into mind. In a recent blog I mentioned the literary awesomeness of Mr. Stephen King. I don’t think in that post I got to mention one very special item that has only recently been added to his long arsenal of … well… literary awesomeness. Actually, this one is only partially literary. You see years ago, Stephen King and a one, Mr. John Cougar Mellencamp (a great singer/songwriter, I strongly recommend y’all check him out) set about to create a new type of play. YES THEATRE FANS, A PLAY!!! This would incorporate Stephen King’s surreal/morbid storytelling with John Cougar’s country/rock singing/songwriting. The amazing result that followed was “Ghost Brothers of Darkland County”. They released a studio produced recording featuring the voices of such multi-talented artists as Elvis Costello, Sheryl Crow, Matthew McConaughey, and Kris Kristofferson.  There are currently two different records for this title in our District. That being, that you can either pull a copy of this title off the regular book shelves, or a CD set from the CD section of any library. Either set will feature a music disc of the studio recorded version of the play, as well as a DVD with special bonus features. There is also a booklet showing the play in written form as well as other listed history of how this sensation of a play came to be. I had checked out a copy a couple of months ago, and I must say readers… it is kind of amazing.

I suppose this pretty much leaves my mentioning of the “tons and tons’’ of library programs and events. Well again dear readers, there are indeed tons and tons that we have all of time. Each one of them is just as good as the other depending on who is attending the events. If you stop by your local library, or look under “Events & Galleries” on our District website, you can access a whole array of fun and interesting programs throughout every one of our individual branches. There are storytimes for kids of all ages. There are movie showings for both children and adults. There are author visits as well as riveting seminars and church meetings. If you happen to be free during the upcoming season I know there are always plays put on by amazing local production companies such as the Broadway Bound and Signature Productions. There are also various concerts and recitals to entertain the public and expand the education of musical appreciation. It’s pretty cool stuff right?

So in conclusion everybody, there is no cap for the enjoyment in utilizing the Library District in your lives. There are countless opportunities to bring yourselves or your whole family in to any local branch and have a wonderful experience. There are books to read, computers to use, items to check out, databases to search, and eMedia questions to have answered (like… a LOT of questions to be answered right folks?). So… pretty please… with sugar on top… PLEASE… come into your local library. If you didn’t much this year, then in 2014.Come in, enjoy, open your mind to a whole new world of  i-m-a-g-i-n-a-t-i-o-n, and prepare to have your mind blown (though not literally, I must add for liability reasons) by our, in a word “perfect” Library District.

Until next time everybody… stay classy… stay “perfect” … HAVE A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


In the Stacks: Affordable Care and YOU!

For years now, the Affordable Care Act, which has commonly been referred to as “ObamaCare” was put forth by our President. It was established so that Americans would be given better eligibility for health insurance. It has been appealed and re-appealed countless times by various senators and congressman. It has been put up for approval or denial repeatedly; however, it has finally come to be that Mr. Barack Obama’s dream has come true, and Americans are finally eligible to start receiving their affordable care. Whether you are eligible or not, whether you support it or not, everyone in America is able to receive more information about the Affordable Care Act. Where can you go if you are interested in it? Just look no further than your local library.

Thanks to the information I obtained through:, I found that there are currently 473,971 people in Nevada that are uninsured and eligible for this new healthcare coverage. There are several organizations in Las Vegas which are providing us information about the Affordable Care Act. They will be setting up personal registration seminars in our various library spaces in the near future to help people obtain information about health insurance, whether or not you qualify for coverage under this new act, and how to sign up for your personal healthcare plan. October is definitely the month to sign up, but if you are like me and procrastinate when you can, then you should be quite relieved to know that registration goes as late as March, 2014. Here are some helpful tips in regards to the registration process. Registering for a healthcare plan before December 15, 2013 ensures that your coverage will take effect as of January 1, 2014. However, if you register in March, than your coverage will get delayed 90 days. So it is wise to note that coverage is not immediate, but the sooner the better.

Until next time fine library patrons…stay classy…stay healthy. 🙂  – Steve

For more information about where these registering seminars are taking place in our libraries, or for any questions and concerns you have about the Affordable Care Act, please visit our main website, and do the following steps:

1) Simply click the link on our main page:
2) You can select any of the four colored tabs.

In the Stacks: Renewals and YOU!

In the Stacks: A Blog Straight from the Mind of Steve

This week’s edition: Renewals and YOU

emediaHello my fellow readers! It has been quite some time since I wrote last, I am so terribly sorry for the delay. I am writing today to share some new news that I have recently discovered and to shed some light on older news. What news am I talking about? Well I am talking about the greatest tool that is accessible to everyone in this district… RENEWALS!!!!

What are renewals you may ask (but probably not)??? Renewals are when you keep an item longer than when the item is initially due back. So to be a little nostalgic here, who remembers when you could only renew an item once? Yes to all of you interested folks out there, there was indeed a time in the district long long ago when you could only renew any item once. How the district didn’t buckle and shrivel down under the strain of that rule is certainly nothing short of a miracle. But now as we live and breathe, it is absolutely possible that any item you check out from one of our fabulous library branches is able to be renewed as many times as you want, provided that the items DO NOT have outstanding holds on them. Also, at certain libraries, periodicals (magazines) are only eligible to be renewed once. Another point is that items from one of the other libraries like the North Las Vegas branches might still only be able to get renewed once. I can say from experience though, that there are certain circumstances where library staff can circumvent that policy on a strictly case by case basis.

And to emphasize again how to renew your items I have a couple of simple solutions for you guys. The first way you can renew an item is to go to the self-check kiosks that you used to first check out your items and follow the same procedures as last time. Those procedures being that you enter in your card number and then your PIN. From there you just place the items back on the RFID pad to trigger your current due date. If the items don’t read on the pad, then by all means you can just scan the items under the portable scanner next to the pad. If you don’t have the items with you do not panic because you can still renew the items manually. To do that you just enter your card number and PIN on the kiosk to get to your main page. Then you press the bottom tab on the login screen that tells you how many items are checked out to you. Once that screen you selected pops up, you will see your full list of currently checked out titles. Then you just select the items that you want to renew and hit the “Renew Items” button on the bottom right corner of the screen. The items will trigger the new due dates and once you hit the “Logout” button you will get a new receipt with the renewed items listed as well as the new due dates. The next approach to renewing an item is to renew online. You will need to access your online account by going to our website (everyone say it with me, “”) and clicking on the “My Account” tab in the main screen. You will be prompted to enter your library card number and PIN and then a new page will come up to display your name and everything currently checked out to you. Like on the self-check kiosks, you can select the items that you want to renew and then hit the “Update” tab on the top of the screen to renew the titles. Now take a moment here fellas because it is up to you as patrons to make sure a new due date pops up after all that. Again, if there’s holds on an item and for some reason the items couldn’t be renewed, don’t go thinking that just because you followed the steps and hit all the right buttons that everything gets automatically renewed. CHECK FOR THE NEW DUE DATES!!! And just in case you all were thinking this, allow me to fill you all in on another detail about renewals. If you have an item that is overdue and you want to renew it, don’t think you won’t have a fee if you renew the item while it’s late. An item can still be renewed on your card (although late) for more time, but you will accrue whatever the current late fees are on your record. Late fees are typically .25 cents per item per day. The goal is to enjoy your items for as long as possible without owing us money. That way we are all happy.

Now dear readers… that was just the old news I wanted to bring up for your knowledge. Here is where the information gets “juicy” so to speak. As I’m sure it has become abundantly clear to most of you, our library district has become more and more experienced in this new technological age by increasing our services in the form of e-Media. The one main question that every e-Media savvy patron asks us is: “Can you renew e-Media items?”, and if you’ve ever asked a staff member that question then you already know the answer… NO. Yet I sit here today proud to tell you all that as of Monday, July 22nd– that policy is about to change. Starting this coming Monday, e-Media items will be eligible to get renewed once for you guys. Here’s how the new service will work: Once you check out (download) an e-Media item, you then go back into your online e-Media account and there will be a new tab next to the item title that simply says “Renew”. By selecting that tab, you are putting yourself back on the request list for the item that you just checked out. This way, once your item has reached its expiration date and would normally clear itself from you record, the item will just “fill your hold” and then you can check the item out again for a longer time. Now there is an obvious point to be made that if you aren’t the next person on the hold list for the item, you will have to wait longer to check it out again. But I have to say everyone, something is better than nothing right?

So mark your calendars for Monday the 22nd, and try out this amazing new feature provided to you by the one and only LVCCLD. Until next time fellow library lovers, stay reading, and stay classy. J

In the Stacks – Download FREE MAGAZINES!

zinio_logoI believe it is a necessity that I kick myself in the behind for not writing this blog sooner! It has been about a whole month since the Library District introduced a brand new service for all you fine patrons in the valley. What’s the name of this amazing, awesome, splendid, scrumtralescent (any Will Ferrell fans out there? No? …Ok) feature you ask? Well I’ll tell ya! The name is as follows: Zinio. Sounds kind of like a European shoe company I know, but what this service provides everyone is nothing short of astonishing towards the Library District’s effort to better providing wonderful resources for our patrons. Zinio is accessed through the District website ( for all of you curious fellas out there), and the purpose of this site is to give you all free magazines!!!

Now, I have to admit, I thought the District would have tapped out of free online services after they set up eMedia and Freegal. But now that we have Zinio, I really don’t know what more a patron could ask for. As most of you may know, we have eMedia for checking out all downloadable catalog items such as books and audiobooks online. We also have Freegal to download 5 free songs a week per library card (that would be my personal favorite). To access Zinio, all you need to have is your library card number and your PIN number. You will also need to set up an online Zinio account. Now don’t panic, because to set up the online account all you have to do is put in an email address and make up a personal password. I was able to get that done in a minute flat. After that is all set up, you are free to download as many of the featured magazines that the site has to offer, and there are literally hundreds of titles to choose from! I know firsthand that people love to check out magazines from the library, and now that we have Zinio you won’t even have to rush in and fight over the most current issues anymore.

As I said before, you can download an unlimited amount of magazines through Zinio. You are also free to keep those magazine downloads forever! That’s right folks, the downloaded magazine files won’t ever expire or disappear from your computer. That is such a relief to me because now I don’t have to fret over whether or not to subscribe to Mental Floss. It will be right there for me to read whenever I want! Did I mention that I love the Library District? Hahaha Well what else can I say, guys? All we need now is for the Library District to give us all free eReaders, a patio with a nice view, and some fancy, sippy drinks with those cute umbrellas, and we are set for life!  Ok everybody, enough of my silly talk. It’s time for you all to go forth and enjoy this excellent new service! Happy hunting everybody; and until next time, y’all stay classy.

In the Stacks: Meet our Access Services Manager, Sufa!

blogpicIt seems like light years ago that I first had the pleasure of working with the amazing Sufa Anderson. I was working as a Circulation Assistant at Summerlin Library when we got a new Youth Services Department Head. The previous Youth Services Department Head (the also very amazing) Kathy DiGeorge left to pursue a wonderful new promotion in the district. Our new Department Head was none other than Sufa; who was this energetic, multi-tasking, fabulous librarian. She made an unbelievable Youth Services Department Head! Whenever she was working, you knew stuff was getting done. So, it only seemed right when what seemed like only a matter of months rolled by, that Sufa was promoted to Assistant Branch Manager at Summerlin Library. Once again, she dominated the workdays. She fit in so well to her new duties. Since then, she has been working so hard all the way up the ladder in the Library District and has now landed the job of Access Services Manager for the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District! Well… in an effort to try out my interviewing skills, and to touch base with her after so long, I reached out to Sufa to say “hi” and ask if I could have a couple minutes of her time to make some light conversation. I sent her a list of questions to answer whenever she could. Of course, faster than I could blink I get a response in my mailbox from her. This is my feedback from her:

1: Ok Sufa, I will start this off with a curve ball; how are you doing today?

Sufa: Great, thanks – I’m always grateful to wake up and have another shot at things!

2: Could you tell us some highlights involved with your position as Access Services Manager?

Sufa: I am fortunate enough to work with a variety of people on lots of different projects. I love that there’s always a ton to do and it’s different every day.

3: What has been the most fun you have had while working with the library district?

Sufa: Though I have enjoyed every position I’ve held with the Library, I’ve always loved working with children. I would definitely say my years in children’s services were the most fun.

4: If you could have one dream job with or without the library, what would it be?

Sufa:  Wow! I’m truly happy with what I do, so that’s tough. Maybe next time around I’ll be a chef, yum.

5: Is there anything special you have on your reading list right now?

Sufa: I’m always looking for tools for working with my children. Right now I’m reading “How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character” by Paul Tough.

6: Do you have any special message or advice to share for any staff members or for the public?

Sufa: I really believe that “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi. Invest your energy in the things you believe in and always be working towards those beliefs.

7: Are your kids going to be participating in the Summer Reading Program this year?

Sufa: They certainly will – they love this program, especially logging onto to log the time they’ve spent reading.

8: Is there a song that you’ve got stuck in your head right now?

Sufa: Actually, yes – Fun’s “Carry On” keeps running through my brain.

9: I know that you helped get all of the libraries set up with our new wireless printing program, how has that been going so far?

Sufa: It’s been running smoothly – no complaints, which is always wonderful!

10: Well Sufa, I thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions for me; to finish up, would you like to share any personal motto or leave us with some food for thought?

Sufa: Hmm – see #6 = )

I’d like to take this time to thank you so much again for your time Sufa! I see in retrospect my questioning got a bit repetitious; guess I have to work on that.  Hahaha As always it’s such a pleasure to be working alongside you in this District. And to all of your readers, until next time… stay classy.

In the Stacks: FREE MUSIC!!!

freegalIn the Stacks: A Blog Straight from the Mind of Steve: FREE MUSIC!!!

So I am sure this is about the millionth time that I’ve said this, but I am a very avid music lover. I am also quite certain I have mentioned working for the very amazing retail store Pottery Barn. What do these two things have in common you ask? Well…. until the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District feels the need to completely renovate each library with top quality bedroom and living room furniture, it would have to just be the music that both entities provide the public. Since I’ve worked at Pottery Barn, I have become familiar with tons of music constantly playing on the store’s hi-fi that I would never have known existed. There is an abundant amount of sambas and remixed versions of classic songs that quite literally have blown my mind hearing. Of course that’s not in a literal sense though; otherwise I’d owe thousands of dollars to Pottery Barn on dry cleaning bills for all of their beautiful sheet sets and duvet covers.

Needless to say, since hearing these songs off and on for years now, I have felt the need to own the songs so I may listen to them at my own leisure. But since these songs are so rare, you can’t find freegalfacethem much anywhere. Now iTunes has been a big help for me, but as my dream playlist increases, so does the amount it costs to buy all of these great songs. Also, library CDs in our catalog don’t have a lot of the songs, so being able to just borrow the CDs from the library and download the songs that way isn’t an option for me. However… there is still one resource the library has that has shown to be quite invaluable for me over the last few months. That resource of course is none other than Freegal!

Freegal is a music database on the LVCCLD website which contains hundreds of thousands of EXTREMELY eclectic songs enjoyable for just about anyone! I seriously could not believe that almost every song I heard from Pottery Barn and wanted to own was right there under my nose the whole time. And the best part of it all is… it’s 100% free! You can’t possibly get a better deal anywhere else. You get 5 free downloads a week. You can download any 5 songs you want that they have in their catalog. The music genres that are listed on the site are out of this world. The District has clearly worked some miracles to include picks of song catalogs from such vendors as Sony Music and many more!

Now I will say, it takes a lot of willpower to restrict myself to picking the right 5 songs every week. Those downloads can be gone in the blink of an eye for me. Also, though Freegal has their hundreds of thousands of songs, there are probably millions upon millions more that they don’t have. Some staple artists you will probably be disappointed to know are not featured on Freegal. But still, in this day and age, free music is free music so who cares? I mean chances are for those artists not featured, the Library District carries their CDs at various branches, so you can just pick up their CDs at your local library and get WAY more than 5 songs at a time. And also, I’ll let you all in on a little secret. These songs you download onto your computer stay on your personal music libraries forever, and if you have multiple cards you have approved access to use, then you can use each card to get your 5 downloads a week and soon enough you could get 10, 15, maybe 20 songs a week! That’s a whole album right there.

So if you like music in any way, shape or form, then get your free library card and check out this free paradise of sound the library district has to offer. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Plus, I almost forgot to mention, you can download the Freegal app to your smart phones and get music that way as well! This is all just such an amazing service offered that you couldn’t possible pass it up.

In the Stacks: A Blog Straight from the Mind of Steve – A Blast from the Past!

faerytaletheatreOnce again the library has astounded me with its continuous accrual of magnificent items that everyone can check out. Of course, in this day and age technology continues to soar out of control, and really the only “hip” things you can ever have come with a USB drive.  eBooks are ever proving themselves as an invaluable asset to anyone now seeking out the tremendous gift of reading. Added to that is the quest to obtain the gifts of HD TV or Blue Ray DVD players so that we may watch every possible movie or program known to mankind. But before I go off on some crazy tangent, I want to use this blog to express how happy I am that we now have yet another wonderful set of materials in our catalog.

Now because I need me some filler space on this blog, I will take this opportunity to tell you all a little story which will set up this whole thing perfectly. About two, maybe even three years ago, I was conversing with the awesome and amazing Kathleen DiGeorge about old juvenile items the Library District should order (being that she was the YPL Collection Development Head). I mentioned one item which I believe caused Kathy to make a big sigh. There was some further discussion on the matter, and we did have a mutual respect for the item, but I left figuring that the item would remain nonexistent on our shelves. Yet, just a few weeks ago, I was helping the Pages in the back sort room when all of a sudden an item plopped down in the YPL media bin for re-shelving that immediately caught my eye and practically brought me to tears (NO- It was not yet another copy of Twilight!). It was the item I talked about with Kathy all that time ago. And this magnificent item was: Shelley Duvall’s Faerie Tale Theatre.

This amazing set consists of so many performances I cherished a lot as a kid. I remember going to the library and getting each individual tale on VHS (I know! What are those!?), and I would watch them over and over because I thought they were amazing. And I see now that we have the entire set as one DVD box set. I still remember most of the episodes such as Pee-Wee Herman (Paul Reubens) in Pinocchio, Mick Jagger as the Chinese Emperor from The Nightingale, or even Billy Crystal as one of The Three Little Pigs. It was just a wonderful series when I was growing up, and at the time it was very popular. And to think that now it has a potential to be re-introduced to the public, it really puts a strong feeling in my heart, which I am pretty sure is not just the carne asada fries from Roberto’s Taco Shop.

So as I finish this blog (my last one for the year), I just want to say “Thank you!” to Mrs. Kathy DiGeorge for providing me such a wonderful treat to watch and enjoy again during my Christmas vacation. I will make sure to include my step-daughter in the viewing process. Granted she will also be taking just as much time if not more so to watch new movies on her soon to be brand new TV (It’s ok, she doesn’t read these blogs yet anyway). Or she could be reading a book and/or playing a game on her iPad. But perhaps I’ll get lucky, and she will enjoy watching these great stories herself. Maybe she’ll even enjoy them so much that she will let her children watch and enjoy them in the years to follow.

In the Stacks: A Blog Straight from the Mind of Steve – Unwrap Some Holiday Due Date Exceptions!

unwrapAs we come up on the ever so festive holidays this winter, many of you might be having some concerns regarding your library items and when they might be due. As we all know, check-out times for library items range from 1 to 3 weeks at a time and renewals are always possible for any item that does not have an outstanding hold on it. That certainly helps all of you fine patrons as you are planning your delightful winter vacations because the last thing any of you should be worrying about is getting your 50 DVDs returned before the library closes and before you board that plane hours away from enjoying the holidays cuddled up with your families.

Well, the District feels your pain and doesn’t want you to worry about a thing this holiday season. So for the benefit of you grand library patrons, I will fill you in on some library exceptions we have in store for you this winter. To start, anyone who came in December 3rd and 4th of this month and checked out any items for 3 weeks (books, CDs, audiobooks, etc.), those items will not be due back until December 26th. This is due to fact that our libraries will be closed December 24th and 25th. And based on the rationale that the library doesn’t expect you to have items due on a day that we are closed, we have automatically programmed our computers to extend the due dates of these items. To further delve into this matter, the same goes for our two week items (new books and DVD sets with more than 3 discs inside) checked out the 10th and 11th and also on our 1 week items (DVDs) checked out the 17th and 18th.

So, try remembering that if you checked an item out around this time, you should not feel the need to panic and attempt coming in on Christmas Eve to return your stuff when you thought it was due, and why?… THE ITEMS WON’T BE DUE! You get to enjoy those fabulous items all through the holidays. (HOORAY!) But for anybody with items due the 23rd who may get that sudden chill of worry on Christmas Eve about getting that big late fee come the 26th, here’s a simple hint that will help you guys out. If you place your items in the outside drop box anytime after we close the 23rd until early morning (long before we open) on the 26th, all of those items will be getting backdated to the 23rd and then no late fees can be accrued on your accounts. And if you want to extend an item past Christmas, by all means give us a call on the 26th to renew them, or just go to your online account and renew them until you can come in and drop the items back off. Another great thing about all of this is that the same thing happens later in the month for items due on New Year’s. But please keep in mind that that only applies to items due on the 1st!

The libraries will be closed on January 1st but we will be open December 31st until 5:00 pm! So that automated extension of items only applies to items that would ordinarily be due on the 1st. Although, if by some chance this information is just too much to process right now; remember that this info is obtainable for you at anytime. For instance, when you do check out an item, keep your receipt and you will see that no item you checked out is going to say it’s due back the 24th & 25th  of December, nor the 1st of January. And at the very bottom of your receipt is the library’s phone number so that you can call during our work hours with your card number to extend any items you have while you may be out of town or unable to come to the library during the holidays. Also, you can go to and log into your account to see when all of your items are due back so that you are up to date on the due dates. You can also renew any of those items (that don’t have outstanding holds on them) anytime, even while you’re opening up those awesome presents you will be getting this year.

And for any of you with hold items expected to come in around this time of year, you have some fancy perks heading your way as well. Now the rule is that library holds that come in for you ordinarily will sit on our hold shelves for 7 days from when they first get processed at your home library. There are certain cases when items from a different library district (Henderson, North Las Vegas, etc.) will be on our shelves longer than that, but it is always safe to assume 7 days is the time you have to come in and pick up your holds. HOWEVER, if an LVCCLD hold item comes in for you 7 days prior to the holiday dates, then you will be receiving extra time to pick them up! That being if an item would ordinarily get pulled on the 24th or 25th it gets extended until after the 26th , and for items that come in and get pulled on January 1st, they don’t expire until after the 2nd. Also, if a hold item comes in prior to the holidays and sits on our shelves during the days we are closed… then once we open up again you automatically get the extra time (2 extra days after the 25th and 1 extra day after the 1st) to pick up the item(s). Making sense to you guys?  …. Hope so!

The whole point is that all of us in the District want your holidays to go by swimmingly. We don’t want you stressing about late items and due dates while you’re off planning family get-togethers, and ginormous feasts, and of course lots and lots of wrapped presents. We want you all to have a wonderfully happy holidays and a fantastically jovial new year’s!!! Did I use enough adjectives there? Hahahaha