In The Stacks — Look Out! Ol’ Seth, He is Back!!!


Hello again dear readers. I am quite ecstatic to be writing you all today. Why you ask? Well it is for no other reason than one of my most favoritest (yes that’s right, I said favoritest) people just released a brand new cd, and I am just thrilled! So who was it? What “Seth” is a popular recording artist? Well… none other than Seth (flippin’) MacFarlane!!! I absolutely love that guy, and though his quality of work on TV versus film, acting, hosting, performing, etc. is debated by many, most people can definitely agree that he is one heck of a singer.

Seth is quite fond of bringing out the best of the old-fashioned crooners of the early days in a newer more funny/entertaining way. MacFarlane is never too far away from performing or using music in any way, shape or form, accompanied by Joel McNeely and his orchestra. McNeely is the one who composes the music for all of Seth’s TV shows and most of the orchestrations for the movies that Seth has created over these last couple of years.

MacFarlane released another album a few years ago that featured some fabulous songs that were originally released as B-sides (for you vinyl & cassette savvy people out there) from artists of the 1940s/50s. That album was “Music is Better than Words” and yes guys, it is available for check out through the library. This newly released masterpiece is a newer take on—what else, folks? Yes, you guessed right—CHRISTMAS SONGS!!!! All the old-fashioned hits you’re used to hearing on other cd collections or public radio, you can now hear through this man’s fantastic vocal pipes. Also, like Seth had done on “Music is Better than Words”, he brought along two good friends with him to the studio to help lay down a couple of tracks. Along with Seth, you can hear the lovely voices of Norah Jones and Sara Bareilles on two of the songs.

I do understand you have to be in that special mood to hear Christmas music. However I am lucky enough to be one who can appreciate hearing it throughout the year. I have already heard most of the album, and I can assure you all, it is well worth a listen whenever you may have a free moment. Ok, dear readers, I’ll let you go request this wonderful item so that you can listen in yourselves.

Until next time readers… stay classy… stay listening… stay merry.






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