In The Stacks – LONG LIVE ROCK & ROLL!

Hello again, dear readers. It is no big surprise that I am a huge fan of music. Not just one particular genre either, I try to be open to all types of music from various times in history. I figure in any one genre of music, there is some song, style, artist, etc. that was good and you would enjoy. So why hate? Embrace your eclectic side!

I have constantly been amazed by the CD selection available through the library. And honestly folks, our collection gets more eclectic over time. That’s not even just factoring in our general CD collection, either. I know I have written a couple of different blogs about Freegal. Freegal is our online database where you can download up to 6 songs every week per library card, and can now download music videos as well! Also, we have once again uploaded the database so you may now also stream hours of music from your computer. Let me tell you guys, I have seen some music featured on Freegal that literally blows my mind as to how we ever thought to order such songs and artists.

The one thing that does really impress me though, is that we have music DVDs in our collection. Now this is where I get very giddy y’all. Perhaps it is because I was born out of the time when MTV was new and thus, a godsend to music lovers across the World. And get this–they primarily JUST played music videos, there was NO REALITY TV!!!!  Crazy, right!?  Who’d have thought that was ever possible? So, essentially this meant that music got much more creative with its approach to entertaining audiences. And since I was a wee tot at the time, I was hooked for life.

So as I roam through our Nonfiction DVDs, I see music video collections of some of my favorite artists: Alice in Chains, Billy Joel, Paul McCartney, and yes guys, even the great Tori Amos! Now these are just for music videos, which is plenty to tide me over. However we have a ton more of DVDs that have documentaries, live concert performances, behind-the-scenes commentaries, and much more! And like I said fellas, I have a pretty eclectic taste in music, don’t I? That was just a small example of the rock music I like.

Alright everybody! That’s enough about me ranting about the importance of music in video format.  The point is… you just have to get down here and support your favorite artists. There is beyond a strong chance that we have something by them, and it would be an incredible disservice to the world of music by not taking advantage of a free service to listen/watch/inquire more about them. So come on down and start enjoying our great selection of music in all sizes, shapes, formats, colors and other whatnots. Until next time dear readers, stay classy… stay rockin!



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