Teen Tuesday – What SCARES you?

Are you afraid of ZOMBIES?  Who isn’t—because not only are they undead, they might be undead people you know. . .

Jacket.aspx-3  Jacket.aspx-2 jacket.aspx-5    or not. . .  Dead Reckoning

. . .or worse, it’s you!  Jacket.aspx-4        What about VAMPIRES?

Not the sparkly kind, but the hypnotic bloodsuckers we’re unwillingly drawn to. . .

Jacket.aspx-7   Jacket.aspx-8   or *shudder* become!  Jacket.aspx-9   Jacket.aspx-8

Or maybe, you’re afraid of WITCHES. . .  

Jacket.aspx-14    Jacket.aspx-15      Jacket.aspx-17  . . . or MONSTERS   Jacket.aspx-8

Jacket.aspx-13    Jacket.aspx-12   that come out of the cold. . .   Jacket.aspx-6

or that lurk in the water  Jacket.aspx-9  . . . or the forest. Jacket.aspx-5   Jacket.aspx-16

GHOSTS?  Did you say GHOSTS?  Murderous ghosts. . .

Jacket.aspx-17   Jacket.aspx-16  or historical specters. . . Jacket.aspx-4  Jacket.aspx-3

or both?   Jacket.aspx   Jacket.aspx-7        What about DEMONS?

Before evil spirits possessed them, they were your sister. . .

Jacket.aspx-18  or your brother. . . Jacket.aspx-19  or your cousin. . . . Jacket.aspx-6

You may even discover (the hard way) the merits behind exorcism. . . .

Jacket.aspx-20   Jacket.aspx-7        EVIL FAIRIES can be frightening. . . .  

seeing them. . . Wicked Lovely   being cursed by them. . .   Jacket.aspx-18

. . .having them swap you out for someone else.  Jacket.aspx-22   Jacket.aspx-11

What?  Supernatural beings and gruesome creatures will never freak you out?!                  Okay then—what about psycho killers who also happen to be YOUR DAD?!

Jacket.aspx-12   Jacket.aspx-11   Jacket.aspx-10    Or. . . your dad as

a demented scientist. . .  Jacket.aspx    Jacket.aspx-2    or

a brilliant detective and a psycho killer?   Ripper

Of course, Dad’s not the only sociopath in the family . . . .

Jacket.aspx-15    Jacket.aspx-14    Jacket.aspx-13

In fact, in most families the scariest person is. . . YOUR MOM!    Jacket.aspx-4




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