Hey there all you library fans!  I thought I would just take a moment to shed some light on a new feature that you can find straight off our library website.  In case any of you are wondering what that feature is, I am referring to LVCCLD’s new favorite program called “Hoopla”.  Now I have my own reasons for absolutely loving this program. However, since most of you guys I’m sure are not Kids in the Hall fans, it’s going to have to stay an inside joke to myself.  Moving along!  Hoopla is a fantastic, wonderful new program the library district is providing all of you out there so you may stream movies and TV shows without ever entering a physical library.  YES!!!

All that you fine ladies and gentlemen have to do is log into the LVCCLD.ORG website.  Then, select “HOOPLA” from our Quick Links set of tabs. From there, it will give you detailed instructions on setting up a Hoopla account, and in case you were concerned and wouldn’t already guess it, folks… yes, it is free!  Now, the fun facts regarding Hoopla use:

  1. You get 10 check-outs per calendar month.
  2. Check out times are reserved to 3 days.
  3. Yes, you can return the titles earlier if you wish.
  4. You can access Hoopla on your computer as well as mobile devices and certain system consoles (X-Box 360, PS3).

You do need to have your library card # and PIN handy when you log into your personal Hoopla accounts.  And I have looked through the selection that they have, and guys, it’s very interesting.  I was absolutely blown away by the titles that they featured.  It brought back many wonderful memories.  It’s as if the library literally made up its own version of Hulu or Netflix.  And come on!  Who here doesn’t love Hulu or Netflix???   Alright, well for those of you who don’t… don’t worry, this is better.

Ok everyone, it is time to go check out Hoopla!   Because if there is one thing that I know firsthand, it’s that most of you enjoy media items.  So now… in this diverse technological age, who could possibly resist getting your media stuff online when it’s free and easily accessible!?  Alright, I will stop my little spiel.  Now it’s up to you, go see what all the Hoopla’s about!  Until next time dear readers… stay classy & stay streaming.


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