In the Stacks–Back to School Help for Kids & Adults


Well, a new school semester is upon us all.  Perhaps many of you school-age folk are antsy to get back into the classroom… or perhaps not.  Hopefully, you are excited to start new clubs and sports, or at least see your old friends after a long summer break.

However, I’m sure just about EVERYONE is not ready for homework, projects, extra credit; you know, the usual misery that goes hand in hand with school.  Well, if you do have your doubts about academic achievement, and if you’re downright dreading the upcoming assignments headed your way, just rest assured, LVCCLD has got your back, guys.

The library district has tons and tons of resources right at your fingertips ready to use to help aid you past the nightmare that is schoolwork.  Just come on by to any local branch and ask one of our fabulous librarians for assistance, and they will take good care of you.  If you need help finding books for reading lists, or reference information for a research project, we have what you need.   If you’re the kind of student who enjoys finding it yourself, just go online.

You can go to our main website (LVCCLD.ORG) where we have “Databases A-Z” which will give you thousands of electronic resources for any type of information you’re looking for.  Also, if you start your new semester and realize that you need a little extra assistance with your classwork, you can just select “Homework Help” off the main page and select which grade level you are in. That will bring you to a separate webpage where you can select from a myriad of options to get you the help you need. There is also a “Homework Help Tutors” link to let you all know when and where you can go in the library district to meet with specialized tutors that offer hands-on help.

Just keep in mind, folks, that if you would like to learn more about taking advantage of tutor assistance this school year, that you can also access direct help online through the “Homework Help” tabs; it’s one of those many myriad resources… how do you guys like my vocabulary usage thus far?  “Myriad,” that’s a good word to use on your papers to make it look like you’re learning.

To get right back to the main point, through our library website, or each individual library branch itself, we will help each and every one of you to the max this school year.  So kids… there is no reason you have to feel doomed to fail this year.  You got free help whenever you need it right through us.

And teachers, we have you covered as well!  I hope it goes without saying that anyone young and old can utilize our services at the library.  So, teachers, if you think you’d like some help with ideas about subject materials, project ideas, or assistance with lesson plans and all those other fun tasks ahead, you can simply use “The Teacher’s Toolbox” off our website, and you will have all the resources you need right in front of you.

But remember folks, don’t feel that you need to track all this stuff down yourselves.  The library staff is here for the sole purpose of aiding the public and therefore, you as the public (teachers and students alike) are able to ask for assistance from us at your leisure.  So stop by your local library when you get a moment (or on your next school field trip if you’re lucky enough) and check us out.  I am sure you will find that you’d have wished you came in sooner.  Ha-ha!   So until next time dear readers, stay classy… stay studying.



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