In the Stacks – Art, Events, and Galleries…Oh My!

In the Stacks: A Blog Straight from the Mind of Steve

Hello dear readers! I bring to you today, a wonderful bunch of info in regards to something you probably didn’t know the libraries in Las Vegas even had… Events and Galleries!!! That’s right everybody, in practically every Las Vegas-Clark County Library District branch, there is an art gallery, a conference room, concert hall, theatre, etc.

Why does this matter? Because it is yet another service the district provides each and every one of you in order to expand your understanding of art and culture and more often than not, it’s just as free as when you check out items with your library card.

Years and years ago some very wonderful people who worked with the Library District decided they wanted to make spaces available for our patrons that could allow for further social entertainment. They wanted art galleries so artists could display their works for our local patrons. They wanted conference rooms so various community businesses could hold meetings and seminars. They wanted theatres and concert halls so that artists could perform their music or dance/stage performances in front of an audience.

And so they worked and worked, and when the dust settled, the Las Vegas-Clark County District walked away with quite literally some of the best performing arts spaces in the city. And for years now, the District has helped put on display some of the best art and performance pieces Las Vegas has ever had!

Throughout every branch there are dozens upon dozens of events that are going on every day that usually are free and open to the public. Most of you parents should know this, but in the Young People’s Department of your local library, there are storytimes for children of all ages as well as special kids programs like arts & crafts. For you teens out there, the District is now offering special TechArt Studio classes for anyone interesting in learning how to create videos and engineer sound. It definitely provides a safe break away from the craziness of your day, parents, trust me!  There are also a handful of libraries that offer book clubs typically every month for any willing patron to participate in. And yes all of you media buffs, numerous branches have programs set up for special movie showings every month for both children and adults alike. It doesn’t cost you a cent, just a little bit of your time. And the events are always worth attending.

If you are interested in trying to figure out what type of programs are going on at any one of our local library branches, all you have to do is:

Go to LVCCLD.ORG and on the right hand side of the screen look for “Events & Galleries”.



Select that tab, and it will open up a search screen to select individual types of programming at which library branch.


 And voila! At the bottom of the screen you can see all of the various programs at every branch. If you select an individual program, it will give you specific information such as dates and times for the event, as well as contact information for any further question or concerns.

How can you deny wanting to check out that? You can’t, I know. It’s ok. And if you ever have any other questions about wanting to reserve spaces within the library (Yes! You can do that too) or for further information about all the events and programs within, you can ask your local librarian. OR! You can see if there is an SPS staff member in your library who will happily give you all the information you are looking for. The Scheduling and Production Services Department is made up of trained specialists for scheduling and production services. They can give you estimates on rates for rental costs, and help you fill out rental contracts for utilizing our spaces. And provide you with all of the information about our library spaces. Now just recently I saw a program called “Dance in the Desert” at the Summerlin Library & Performing Arts Center. It was a program set up in partnership by LVCCLD and various local and international dance studios. Now I am not much for modern/interpretive dance, but I must say… I was truly blown aback by the amazing energy the performers had. The night I went, I saw a dance number from a group that came all the way from Korea! And again folks, it was completely FREE! I will also add that the music used to accompany the individual dance performances was astounding. Sorry, I’m a music buff; I pay attention to these things.

Alright y’all, I think I have made a good case here. It’s time to go out there and help the District preserve our spaces. If you have an event or art piece you’d like to perform or display, please consider using one of our spaces. Or… just look up those various events on our website and stop by an event or two. It’ll be well worth your time. If you do stop by, bring a friend, a bunch of friends, your whole family! We have tons of events and galleries just waiting for you to come and check out. So come on down folks! And until next time dear readers… stay classy… Stay artistic.


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