Teen Tuesday – Summer Reading Makes a Splash!

Our Summer Reading Program is well underway and we’re so excited about the number of teens who’ve already signed up. There’s still plenty of time to join! The program doesn’t end until August 2nd, so stop by the Young People’s Dept. You’ll be eligible for the grand prize, a $50 Target gift card, just for signing up and when you read 20 books, you’ll earn your ear buds and carrying case.

Plus, to keep you motivated, we’re giving one book buck for every 5 books you complete. Spend your book buck by August 16th on anything in our used book nook, or buy anything on the Club Read Cart in the Young People’s dept. There’s some pretty incredible bargains there . . . and remember, whatever you read (or listen to) counts toward your summer reading goal – graphic novels, comic books, e-books, nonfiction, etc. Looking for something fun to read? Try this–swimthefly

15 year-old Matt and his best friends, Sean and Coop, have set themselves up with a summer goal – to see a real girl totally naked. Then Matt falls in lust with beautiful swimmer Kelly West and suddenly decides to impress her by volunteering to swim the butterfly during championships. Now he just has to gulp down some of the protein powder his mother has stocked in the closet, borrow his brother’s weights to build muscle, and sneak into the country club pool for some unobserved practice time.  No worries! He has all summer.  In the meantime, Sean has a great idea that will get them into the girls’ locker room and one eyeful away from realizing their naked girl goal.  What could possibly go wrong?

With Swim the Fly, author Don Calame has written a book that could be the little brother to this or perhaps this. It’s lewd, crude and surprisingly, a little nostalgic. The preposterous situations these three friends get themselves into are mind-boggling and even though each upcoming disaster is clearly anticipated, readers will relish the inevitable catastrophic consequences. That the boys remain likeable is a testament to the author, whose first person voice of Matt comically demonstrates how raging hormones trump common sense every time.

Secondary characters are well-drawn, especially Matt’s grandfather who has eyes for his recently widowed neighbor. His grandfather’s harebrained scheme to attract the widow’s attention is a nice juxtaposition to Matt’s own shortcomings in the pursuit of love.  There’s also a rather touching moment between Matt and his older brother.

The book’s overall tone, however, is ribald humor and lots of it. Anatomy jokes and euphemistic references to body parts abound. Aimed squarely at the male teenage audience, Swim the Fly will appeal to sports and humor readers and possibly girls who wonder what’s going on in the mind of a 15 year-old boy.  As for Matt, Sean and Coop’s summer goal, what would be more surprising—if the boys succeeded, or didn’t?  Well . . . they actually do succeed, but rather unexpectedly, so check out a copy of Swim the Fly and find out how!

If you like this book, Don Calame has followed up his debut novel with two more books that feature Matt, Sean and Coop through high school. Check out Beat the Band and Call the Shots.  


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