In the Stacks: Summer Reading and YOU!

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This week’s subject: Summer Reading and YOU!

Well I know by the time this hits the Facebook page, the Summer Reading Program will have already started in full swing. I am standing at the Circulation desk right now, and I see vacant spaces all along our pathway to YPL. It is 10:30 am on Sunday June 1st, but I can just feel the energy that is awaiting us as the day progresses. I know that kids and parents alike are going to literally be swarming this whole library with a buzz of excitement at getting registered for the program.

For all of you fellas out of the loop, the Summer Reading Program begins today, June 1st, and will continue all the way until August 2nd. Here are some of the fantastic details:

            You sign up at the Young People’s Department.

            You automatically are entered into a drawing for a $50 Target gift card.

            You automatically get a beautiful purple wallet to hold your library card.

            All you have to do to finish the program is read 20 books. JUST 20 BOOKS!!!

steveHere are some more perks for all of you interested souls out there. For every 5 books you read along your path to Summer Reading excellence, you will get one Book Buck. That is a library currency just for those participating in the program which is valid for purchasing one item out of your local library’s bookstore. And yes folks, that means ANY one item that you want. If you see a special music CD in there that you really want, a withdrawn book that you think you’d love to read, or an awesome movie that was donated to us… IT’S YOURS! And all you would have to do is read 5 books. But why stop there!? You are able to get 4 total book bucks by the end of the program, so you can actually walk away this summer with 4 items of whatever you want from the bookstore. So keep reading!  Babies and Toddlers who listen to 20 books by August 2nd will earn a tote bag.  Kids in grades K-5 will earn a gold medal.  And teens in grades 6-12 will earn a new pair of earbuds.

Now I would like to share some more info about the program itself. In case you all were wondering, NO, you do not need a library card to register for the Summer Reading Program. It is only advised by Youth Services staff that you at least provide a valid telephone number when you sign up. That is because if you win that Target gift card after the program is over in August, we clearly need to get a hold of you to tell you that you won. Also, anyone can sign up for the program that is 0 to 18 years old! So even if you have a little toddler at home, they can get registered as well. For the infants, parents/guardians can simply read 20 books to their child and that still counts as participation. So in conclusion, it is fun for everybody this summer! Kids are out reading, and prizes are to be had. Where can you go wrong? …You can’t.


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