In the Stacks – Hooray! It’s Hub Reading Challenge Time Again!!!

Well readers, it appears that the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) has released their infamous list of award winning titles for this year’s Hub Reading Challenge, and so I say… LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!

casualtiesThis year there are a whopping 77 options to choose from. I have already kicked this party off by now finishing a whole 2, count ‘em TWO books! Victory is as good as mine. Thus far I have read Chris Lynch’s Vietnam #4: Casualties of War and Jeffery Brown’s Star Wars Jedi Academy. I must say, I was relieved to see Lynch’s book on the list, as my last three books that I read for last year’s challenge were his first 3 books of the Vietnam series. At last… the series is done. It was hard to part with those amazing stories of 4 friends and their individual tales of Vietnam in all of its beauty and destruction from the point of view of the 4 branches of service (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines- for those of you non-military savvy folk).

So with two titles down for me, it’s just 23 more to go. I have until the end of the day on June 25th. I was a bit shy of finishing last year, but I think this might just be my year. My locker is already full of other books to read. Which ones you may wonder (If you even care)? Well… let me see now… I’m seeing William Shakespeare’s Star Wars by Ian Doescher. Although… I got the book version, when it was really listed as an Amazing Audiobook pick. And I can see now why that might be. I did in fact start the book with high hopes. Basically, imagine reading Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in the same way you would read such classics as Romeo & Juliet or Macbeth. Now I don’t know about you, but if I was ever given the option to read Shakespeare or hear someone else read Shakespeare to me in school (cause let’s face it people, who reads Shakespeare of their own free will?), I would have to say, READ IT TO ME!!!! I mean I haven’t even gotten to the droids getting to Tatooine yet and I don’t feel motivated enough to pick up the book again anytime soon. I’m definitely going to have to track down an audiobook copy.

Further doJediAcademywn along my ever narrowing locker is Tim Federle’s Better Nate than Ever. A teenage who seeks fame in the theatre… How can I NOT read this book!? Haha Also, there is Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass by Meg Medina. What can I say guys? The title alone makes this worth reading. And funny enough… A book I recently got for my step-daughter made it onto this year’s list. That is non-other than Faith Erin Hicks’ The Adventures of Superhero Girl. Is this some crazy coincidence? Perhaps; we shall see. You know as I sit here and look over all of these phenomenal titles… I am getting my second wind to pick up another book and start reading right now. Maybe this is my year to finally finish this challenge, but only time will dear readers. Until then… stay classy… stay reading!


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