Teen Tuesday – Find Me by Romily Bernard

findmeWick and her sister, Lily, have had a pretty hard life so far.  Years back, their mother committed suicide. Their father is a menacing drug dealer eluding capture.  Currently set up in the posh side of town with compassionate foster parents, Lily is happily settling into their new surroundings.  Wick, however, knows better.  Suspicious and defensive, she has quietly set up her own cyber-investigation service, using the skills she’s learned from her dad’s partner, banking the funds in case she and Lily have to flee in the night.  Because her sister’s safety is the only thing that matters and Wick knows that the nice clothes, the lovely home and the caring parents are no protection against the dangers of her old life and the reappearance of her father.

Then another suicide pushes her into the reluctant job of finding an abuser, at the same time a nosy detective starts popping up and her dad’s partner reels her in for a new scam.  There’s also Griff.  “Nice boy.  Very polite.  With striking eyes.”  Griff lives in her old neighborhood and they know each other through school.  So, what’s made him suddenly so interesting, and is he a distraction she can afford to have?  Wick’s secrets threaten to unravel and she’s ready to run until a dead girl’s diary and an anonymous online posting reveal a tormentor’s latest obsession—Lily.

Find Me by Romily Bernard is a fast-paced, action-packed mystery with Wick as the scrappy, smart narrator.  Keeping everyone at a distance—with the exception of her sister—has always served her well, so she’s not about to start asking for help now.  “Trust” is not something Wick does well, either, which is a good thing here; there are dark secrets to uncover behind these manicured lawns and perfectly played out lives.  The author throws up plenty of twists along the way and there’s a budding romance to provide distraction between the ominous bits.  For the most part, the characters are nicely fleshed out and the relationships feel genuine.  Readers will fly through these pages as tensions mount and Wick is forced into a game of cat and mouse to save her sister.  Thankfully, we’ll see more of Wick when the second book in the trilogy, Remember Me, comes out in Fall 2014.  Visit the author’s website here.


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