In the Stacks: The IT Crowd

itcrowdI must admit that I have been practically addicted to this show for years now. The IT Crowd is a truly hy-sterical British comedy show that was released back in 2006 and achieved 4 seasons of laugh out loud (or to you youngsters, LOL) antics by the phenomenal, multi-talented actors behind their roles. The show details the lives of the underappreciated IT Department of quite possibly the most successful business in Britain (nay, the World)! Many of you can probably relate, as many of you I’m sure have never ventured into the IT Department office at your local work, and are only used to them being off in their own little worlds probably screening tons of data feed from various computers and remotely fixing any little glitch that pops up on your screens. If that was your perception of that department, this will completely flip you on your heads. It is truly a show that tech savvy people will appreciate as well as anyone who loves farcical comedy.  And also fellas, anytime you may hear someone all of sudden blurt out in a horrible Irish accent “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” then just know they definitely got it from watching this show.

Leading the cast are the two main characters Roy and Moss, played by Chris O’Dowd and Richard Ayoade. Ayoade might not seem that familiar to you, unless by chance you have seen the movie The Watch with Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn. On a side note, The Watch is definitely a side splitting dark comedy movie worth seeing, if that’s your thing. You will probably recognize O’Dowd from his other comical roles in Gulliver’s Travels with Jack Black, or possibly even Pirate Radio. That would be the movie where I first saw Chris and decided I had to see what other work he’d done. Sure enough, when looking through the library database for his other appearances I came across this show. My life has been complete ever since. Ha-ha

The other main players of the show would be that of Mrs. Katherine Parkinson (who can also be seen if you watch Pirate Radio) as Jenn, the computer I-lliterate IT Department Head who actually believes Moss and Roy when they tell her such gems as “If you type the word “GOOGLE” into GOOGLE, you can break the Internet” as well as believe that a small black box Moss and Roy give her is actually the Internet. What hilarity ensues? … Well you just have to watch and see. The other person I absolutely must mention is non-other than Mr. Matt Berry. What more can I say folks? That man is a comical genius! Matt plays Douglas Reynholm, the CEO of Reynholm Industries, which is the multi-billion dollar company Moss, Roy, and Jenn work for. Now granted, Matt does not appear until Season Two. He inherits the business from the former CEO Denholm Reynholm (his father) played by Chris Morris. Douglas is a nitwit of a boss who simply spends more money than he has and chases around every woman he comes in contact with. He also takes a special liking to Jenn. I’m sure you can only imagine the type of shenanigans they get into as the series carries on. Speaking of Matt Berry, he not only is a fantastically entertaining actor, he is also a musician. A musician that has released several albums to moderate success, and we even have one of in the District! He definitely surprises as an artist, having a deep British accent for his shows but yet sounding almost exactly like Todd Rundgren when he sings. He also plays most of the instruments himself when he records. He’s just truly another example of a multi-talented individual I strongly recommend you take notice of.

In conclusion guys, we have all 4 seasons of the show in our catalog to check out. So if you feel the need to try out a new show that you would want to entertain you and bring some much needed laughter in this technology prone, silly world we live in now; look no further than this show. I promise it won’t disappoint. OH! I would not be doing this show any good if I didn’t take this time to mention that for all of you fans out there, that although there were only 4 seasons, the original cast got together last year and shot a special episode which you can see on YouTube. So until next time folks… stay reading, stay classy, stay watching.



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