Teen Tuesday – Meet new book reviewer Cynthia!

Teen Tuesday welcomes guest teen contributor, Cynthia H., who’s reviewed not one but THREE books!  Check out her thoughts below and remember, we love your opinions!  Teen readers are welcome to contribute to our blog posts!  Please stop by the Young People’s Department for more details.

darklordDark Lord: The Early Years By: Jamie Thomson

If you are a lover of dark humor, wicked fantasies, tales of unknown lands unperceived by the human eye, and even a little smidgen of romance, Dark Lord: The Early Years is the right book for you. It’s witty and imaginative with characters relatable to anyone who feels that they have never been in the right place in their life. The story follows a young man (a very powerful Dark Lord) who has accidentally fallen into the human realm against his will. He struggles to find his way back to the Darklands and along the way, makes some very unexpected friends. I suggest this book to pre-teen adolescents as that is the time in life this book takes place. With great humor and a surprise plot twist, this book will take you to another land, wrap you up in its arms, and leave you wanting to read more.

Another Jekyll, Another Hyde By: Daniel And Dina Nayeri

This modern and original spin on an old legend makes a great read for any young adult. To really understand it, anotherjekyllhowever, one should definitely read the first two books in the series: Another Faust and Another Pan. The book loosely follows the old tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in its own exciting and mind-blowing way. It’s fast paced and highly addicting, so you may find yourself curled up in a comfy spot unable to put the book down. Remember to keep an open mind when reading these books because they aren’t exact copies of the original stories. Instead, what you’ll find in this book and the rest of the series is a new and very clever twist on the old stories, making it a more fun and modern read. I suggest this book to teens in high school or late middle school. All in all, the book was really fun to read and I really suggest giving it a try.

aboutaverageAbout Average By: Andrew Clements

Have you ever felt that you can’t be amazing AND average at the same time? Well, let this book change your mind. Jordan is a girl who has always been just average, but in this book you get to take a journey with her to realize just how okay being average is. It’s a quick fun read with a main character easy to relate to for just about any young teen. I suggest this book to those in middle school.  Although one of the side plots was not very well developed, the rest of the book is quite well-written and was a great story for me to read. Sit back, open it up, and realize that maybe, just maybe, being average is just fine.


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