In the Stacks: Tips on Responsible Borrowing

lateOh my goodness dear readers, I have got such ground breaking news to share with you today! Allow me to start off by saying how important it is to constantly check your library accounts, and to make sure you have what it says is checked out to you. Also, you must keep up with your late fees ladies and gents! For every late adult item it’s 25 cents a day. If an item you have is from North Last Vegas, or one of our outlying branches (Boulder City, Laughlin, etc.), then you might even be charged for juvenile items as well. Also, if your fines reach $10.00 or more, than you are blocked from using your library card until those fines are paid down. In addition, if you are a North Las Vegas resident, your fine limit is $2.00. Therefore I say again, WATCH WHAT IS ON YOUR CARDS!!! Keep an eye on it, because when all is said and done you are responsible for what is borrowed on your card. If you doubt how official that rule is, just turn your library card around and look what you signed your name under… call it a contract.

Now to get down to the real reason I decided to write this blog. A fellow co-worker of mine recently informed me of a news article which I tracked down to being an article from Texas. It seems that the lone star state is trying to set some pretty interesting records. First, they have successfully opened the first ever electronic library. What I mean by that is that they have a library with literally NO books on the shelves. The library (craftily named BiblioTech) currently residing in Bexar County features 600 e-readers, 200 pre-loaded enhanced e-readers for children, 48 computer stations, 10 laptops and 40 tablets that residents can use or check out to fulfill their library needs. I suppose I can elaborate more on that, but that gets away from my main point. The second thing Texas has managed to make possible is a new law in Copperas Cove which CLEARLY makes them just a bit more strict in terms of library fees than we are. I will cut myself off now and share the link to this article for any of you interested parties out there.

If it hasn’t sunk into your minds by now, I will paraphrase the content of this article. A man was arrested and put in jail for having a 2010 GED test book out for over three years without returning it! I guess now, when people make those joking comments about library police and such, they aren’t necessarily kidding. The really interesting thing I learned through this article is that this is not the first time this sort of thing has happened! I truly loved hearing the part about the lady in Albuquerque, New Mexico with the Twilight book. I won’t spoil it for you guys. I suggest you read the article and enjoy this news for yourselves. Also, when you think about it, Texas and New Mexico are in the same region as us little chickens in Nevada.

So in conclusion everybody, please keep an eye on your library accounts. Don’t be too trustworthy with having other people have access to your cards and the items checked out on them. And PLEASE be responsible with what you borrow from us. Things get lost quite easily, let me tell you. I could go on and on with stories all about missing items and the claims as to why those situations have occurred… but I will keep those to myself for now, thank you very much. Just know that next time you feel that we are strict with our fee policy… it could always be MUCH worse! In parting dear readers, stay classy… stay responsible.


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