In the Stacks: Spotlight on Stephen King

Stephen KingBy the time this blog comes out, Halloween will have already passed. However, the subject for my blog today is something that everyone can enjoy throughout the year. What is this subject you ask? I am referring of course to the master of horror himself, and the man who Peter Griffin called “the greatest author of the last thousand years”. He is the inspiration to countless books and movies that we all have enjoyed over the years. That man as I’m sure you all have gathered by now, is Mr. Stephen King.

Stephen King was born in Portland, Maine on September 21, 1947. He married the love of life Tabitha in 1971. Before his first major novel Carrie was published in 1974, Mr. King took up whatever jobs he could find such as a laundromat attendant, a pumper at a gas station, and as a teacher.  Yet ever since Carrie, Stephen King has been delighting readers everywhere with his countless novels, short stories, and novellas. The majority of those remarkable tales have been adapted into movies, TV shows, graphic novels, etc. The best part of all, is that here in the District we have just about every story Stephen King has ever written, as well as every movie or show based off of his works. I mean the guy has written so much he had to make up a pseudonym to write more. I am referring of course to Richard Bachman. On a side note fellow readers, yes I do know that that is not why he created that name. You could probably have debates that last hours deciding on what his best book is, or what the best movie adaptation was.

I had recently thought to myself why was it that Stephen King has never specifically written anything for more of a YA audience. Now I am not one to judge what books belong to what genre, however I can say, that anyone who has enjoyed books such as The Hunger Games Trilogy; you absolutely must read The Long Walk which was a novella from The Bachman Books. It is set in a not too distant future, where there is a type of military dictatorship running America. Every once a year, one hundred teenage boys are brought together to participate in an event called The Long Walk. The goal of the event, is be the last one walking. If you walk under a certain rate of speed, walk off of the designated path of the walk, or if you attack any fellow walker or military guard constantly monitoring you, then you get a warning. If you get a certain number of warnings in a certain amount of time… you are shot dead. Why in the world would you participate in this event? Because if you win, you are awarded any possible amount of fame, money, power, or possession you could ever want for the rest of your life. Maybe they assumed only a teenage boy would go for that deal.

However, movies and books aside, I feel that some of the most fascinating things about Stephen King are the trivia listed about him personally. I am not one to pry, but you do have to admit, wouldn’t you want to know just a little bit behind the mind that brought us such mind-blowing stories?  There are countless amounts of trivia about Stephen King, but of course there is also so much controversy that many could speculate whether any of it is true or not. So for the sake of this blog, I will advise all of you to err on the side of caution when reading the following trivia facts surrounding Stephen King. First off, Stephen King is an avid Red Sox fan. Not much of a shock being that he is a New England resident and has been for just about his entire life. That was the warm up. Next up, Stephen King is a recovering alcoholic and was drunk just for the majority of time that he wrote the book Cujo. To this day he only vaguely remembers writing that novel.  Stephen King (despite what most people would think) is NOT a fan of Halloween. Stephen King also belongs to an all writers rock band called “Rock Bottom Remainders”. This is pretty fascinating stuff right? To conclude, his son Joseph Hillstrom King is also a writer, and he too has a pseudonym; Joe Hill. Perhaps you’ve heard of him?

Now I could go on for a while with more trivia, but then that would take the fun out of coming up with more facts about Stephen King yourselves dear readers. So I will just go ahead and end the trivia here in the hopes that if you like what you just read, than you will head to your nearest library (or probably just click to Google on your computers) and read up some more about Stephen King. I also have to strenuously suggest that if you are any fan of scary, abnormally freaky fiction stories, that you start reading the works of this amazing writer. I guarantee that you are not going to be disappointed. So until next time readers, stay classy, and stay reading.



2 thoughts on “In the Stacks: Spotlight on Stephen King

  1. AH! I completely forgot that one, and I keep hearing that title. You are absolutely right! hahaha Thank you so much! 🙂

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