In the Stacks: Affordable Care and YOU!

For years now, the Affordable Care Act, which has commonly been referred to as “ObamaCare” was put forth by our President. It was established so that Americans would be given better eligibility for health insurance. It has been appealed and re-appealed countless times by various senators and congressman. It has been put up for approval or denial repeatedly; however, it has finally come to be that Mr. Barack Obama’s dream has come true, and Americans are finally eligible to start receiving their affordable care. Whether you are eligible or not, whether you support it or not, everyone in America is able to receive more information about the Affordable Care Act. Where can you go if you are interested in it? Just look no further than your local library.

Thanks to the information I obtained through:, I found that there are currently 473,971 people in Nevada that are uninsured and eligible for this new healthcare coverage. There are several organizations in Las Vegas which are providing us information about the Affordable Care Act. They will be setting up personal registration seminars in our various library spaces in the near future to help people obtain information about health insurance, whether or not you qualify for coverage under this new act, and how to sign up for your personal healthcare plan. October is definitely the month to sign up, but if you are like me and procrastinate when you can, then you should be quite relieved to know that registration goes as late as March, 2014. Here are some helpful tips in regards to the registration process. Registering for a healthcare plan before December 15, 2013 ensures that your coverage will take effect as of January 1, 2014. However, if you register in March, than your coverage will get delayed 90 days. So it is wise to note that coverage is not immediate, but the sooner the better.

Until next time fine library patrons…stay classy…stay healthy. 🙂  – Steve

For more information about where these registering seminars are taking place in our libraries, or for any questions and concerns you have about the Affordable Care Act, please visit our main website, and do the following steps:

1) Simply click the link on our main page:
2) You can select any of the four colored tabs.

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