Teen Tuesday – Taylor P. reviews The 100 by Kass Morgan

the100Teen reviewer, Taylor P., shares a review for The 100 by Kass Morgan, coming soon to a library near you! Be sure to keep checking the catalog to put this one on request. . . .

Earth has become inhabitable. The human race has taken refuge on a complex space station for almost 300 years, but resources are dwindling and the leaders know that they must reclaim Earth in order to survive. In an attempt to reoccupy the homeland, the leaders have decided to send 100 teenage convicts to test the environment and help ensure the safety of all who will reside there in the future. Each teenager is equipped with a special bracelet that shows each individual’s health and heartbeat while they are on Earth so that everyone on the space station will know if Earth is able to be inhabited. Will their mission conclude that Earth’s habitable for humans or were they sent to Earth on a suicide mission? Find out in The 100 by Kass Morgan!

This heart-racing and dramatic tale of 100 teenagers shows the true survival instincts it takes to withstand the horrible conditions on the long lost planet Earth and will leave you wanting more! The in-depth descriptions of the space station, government, justified decisions, and teenagers helped me envision the emotional aspects to their predicaments and way of life. The 100 follows the stories of four teenage delinquents that are forced to take part in the mission to Earth and with each passing chapter you find yourself imagining how these teens felt, thought, and why they made certain decisions in order to survive. If you want to join the dramatic quest to reclaim our long lost planet, check out The 100 by Kass Morgan!

Bonus note: This book is currently in development for CW’s Fall 2013 television show season.


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