Teen Tuesday – Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Caroline has a difficult decision to make.   Her beloved grandmother is dying and after days spent waiting by her grandmother’s bedside, Caroline just wants an escape from the grief and family drama.  So, when her best friend suggests a night off to attend a party, Caroline is torn.   Stay with Gram for what could be her final hours or go to the party and get some relief?  And how, exactly would that one decision play out over time?  Would there be mistakes and regrets, or resolution and acceptance?  Can one decision really change the course of your life?

Co-authors Cat Patrick and Suzanne Young have given readers an interesting premise to think on.  In their new book, Just Like Fate, they allow Caroline to make both choices and in alternating chapters titled “Stay” and “Go”, the consequences of Caroline’s decisions unfold.  Relationships with family and friends are broken and resolved.  Caroline’s long-time crush finally notices her, but so does a charming college boy.  Whether Caroline remains or leaves determines which parent she’ll live with, whether her best friend stays her best friend, and even how far she’ll go with the boy she loves.

What’s interesting here is that good and bad things happen to Caroline regardless of the path she takes, and readers will have to ultimately decide for themselves which decision may have been the best one.   A thought provoking  book,  Just Like Fate has yet to hit our library catalog, but  there’s an Advanced Reader Copy awaiting the first person who requests it at Whitney’s YPL Desk!  Stop by and grab it!

Cat Patrick is the author of Forgotten, Revived, and most recently, The Originals.   Suzanne Young is the author of A Need So Beautiful, A Want So Wicked, and mostly recently, The Program.  Best of all, both authors will be here for the Vegas Valley Book Festival on November 2nd at the Historic Fifth Street School.  A total of 80 young adult authors will be participating in panel discussions, book signings, and a prom-themed event.  We’ll definitely be mentioning this again as it gets closer, but in the meantime, check out the link for a list of participants.

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