In the Stacks: Watch Out for the Watchmen!

I think all the dedicated graphic novel readers out there are going to love this blog. I had written a blog some time ago mentioning some wonderful graphic novels that the library district currently had in its catalog as well as most of the motion pictures based off of those same graphic novels. I do not fancy myself as much of an aficionado for those particular materials; however, I do feel comfortable enough to make some well-established conversion on the matter. What I am writing about today though, is to simply share some new information I have recently been absolutely blessed to see in our wonderful, ever expanding catalog.

Whenever I do get to talking about graphic novels I feel I must mention the couple I have read that really did appeal to me, and I think the best one to include out of most of them is of course Alan Moore’s Watchmen. In terms of materials in this genre, it is absolutely a masterpiece! I think it was well written by Mr. Moore, and has some of the best illustrations of its time. The characters are absolutely spectacular as most of them are both heroes and in a way, social villains at the same time. Characters like The Comedian and Rorschach are characters you might just as easily hate rather than root for. So for those of you out there who support my beliefs, or who had nothing to do so you read this blog (thank you, by the way 🙂 I unveil my treat of the week. (Pardon that horrible line): THE BEFORE WATCHMEN SERIES


Yes indeed folks, the Watchmen are back! Some of today’s greatest graphic novel creators have banded together to release some grouped sets of separate stories for each of the individual Watchmen. Available right now in our catalog are The Comedian/ Rorschach, Minutemen/Silver Spectre, Nite Owl/Dr. Manhattan, & Ozymandias/Crimson Corsair. For all of you scratching your head about the last one… I am not 100% why Crimson Corsair is a part of the main series but I can say it makes for some interesting reading just the same. I say that because the Ozymandias/Crimson Corsair has been the only set thus far that I have been able to read. Crimson Corsair is a completely different story than that of the original Watchmen series but carries the same amount of gripping imagery with an intense plotline. So don’t despair dear readers, it is well worth the time to read. That’s something you can hold me too, and If for some reason it does not meet expectations then by all means you can come down to my library and slap me silly. Hahaha

Ok you readers, the information is out there. Now go forth and read to your heart’s content! Enjoy these amazing new stories because I absolutely know that you will. Until next time everybody, stay classy… and stay reading.



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