In the Stacks: Spotlight on The Doors

Spotlight on The Doors

Since I was a little boy, I was raised on classidoorsc rock. Both my parents grew up experiencing all of the amazing rock bands we treasure to this day. I would routinely browse through their old vinyl records admiring the artists I saw on the covers. One of the main bands I was always listening to was The Doors. The Doors was a rock band consisting of drummer John Densmore, guitarist Robby Krieger, organist Ray Manzarek, and finally the wild, vibrant lead singer Jim Morrison. From about 1968 until 1973 they reigned the airwaves and have since become a staple to rock music lovers everywhere. I loved listening to their albums and was always seeing the Oliver Stone movie about them. I saw Val Kilmer on the screen resurrecting the spirit of the late and great lead singer, Jim Morrison and I was hooked. As many years have passed and I have listened to many new artists as well as a ton more of the older act, I was still more and more fascinated with this tremendous band out of Venice Beach, California. Thankfully, since working for the Library District, I have been able to browse numerous resources about the band and their renowned lead singer.

For any Doors fans out there, I strongly recommend you check out the book The Doors/ by The Doors. It collects pages and pages of interview segments from all four band members as well as includes very rarely-seen photos of the band and their performances. Now many of you may have listened to some of The Doors songs over the years and held mixed feelings about the lyrics to most of the songs. It shouldn’t come as much of a shock, but most of the bands lyrics were written by Jim Morrison and contained subject matter not greatly found in other songs coming out of that era. The thing is that Jim Morrison, though always being praised as a rock God, was actually a man who just wanted to be a poet. He spent his entire adult life writing poem after poem. While singing with The Doors, he tried releasing two poetry collections at the behest of his longtime girlfriend Pamela Courson. Since Morrison’s death in 1973 the estate of Pamela Courson had compiled more of Jim’s poems and released numerous other collections of his writings and many of those we carry right here in the District. So, to any of you out there who enjoyed the songs of The Doors, try checking out some of these collections. Many of the poems contained in those pages were the words that helped create a lot of The Doors most legendary songs. So keep reading and listening dear readers, and until next time… stay classy… and rocking. 😉



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