Teen Tuesday – Hanging by a Thread By Sophie Littlefield

hangingbyathreadIn the small town of Winston, California summer is in full swing and the Fourth of July is right around the corner. There is one problem. The town has had two children go missing or found dead on July third the past two years in a row and they’re hoping there won’t be another this year. Desperate to find some normalcy in their lives, the town tries to forget about the deaths for the holiday, up until Clare Knight moved back in town.

Clare has always been into fashion and loves to redesign vintage clothing with her seamstress talents. What many don’t know is that she also has a special gift or curse, one that gives her the ability to see into a person’s past by touching their clothes. When Clare comes across and purchases a denim jacket that she knows must have once belonged to the last person who disappeared, she experiences a strong vision that shows what happened in their last moments. Destined by fate through her ability to see what happened to the last victim, Clare knows she must help solve the crimes that have occurred in her town, but will she solve the crime or create her own in the end?  Find out in Hanging by a Thread by Sophie Littlefield.

I have to say that this wasn’t one of the greatest novels I have read, but was a great mystery. The constant teenager party scenes made me envision a fun and favorable side to falling under the influence. I would rather have had the novel explain the consequences and teach the younger generation about the dangerous and detrimental aspects about being under the influence. Although the partying bothered me a little, I really enjoyed the qualities pertaining to creativity the main character possessed and her special ability to see a person’s past through a touch of their clothing. It was the unique ability Littlefield envisioned about the main character that I appreciated most in the novel. Go check out Hanging by a Thread by Sophie Littlefield if you like a good mystery!


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