Teen Tuesday – Envy by Gregg Olsen reviewed by Taylor P.

envyKatelyn has never been the pretty, perfect, and popular girl at school, but life wasn’t too hard for her. That is, until her “best friend” ditched her to be on the cheer squad and her grades start to fall. The only thing that seems to be keeping her from falling into deep depression is the mysterious boy online that she has never met before. Who knew that all of her problems and this mysterious boy would cause Katelyn to commit suicide.

After investigating Katelyn’s death, everyone ruled it as being an accident, except for the twins that live down the street. Desperate to find out what truly happened to Katelyn, the twins set out to find clues using their personal special abilities which enable them to conjure memories from the living and the dead. Will their abilities lead them to solve what happened to Katelyn? Find out in Envy by Gregg Olsen.

There were times when I was reading this novel and just wanted to put it down to never pick it back up again. The in depth details about Katelyn’s friend’s mother’s cyberbully decision disturbed me. I couldn’t help but think about the many other people who are out there being affected by the same thing. I also didn’t like how the storyline ended early and then changed into something completely different. Although I did not like most of the things within the novel, I did love the determination that came from the twin characters who tried helping Katelyn even though they didn’t really know her. The twins’ special abilities and the mystery qualities the novel held were probably the only aspects that kept me interested in the novel.

TRUTH IN FICTION- The idea of Envy was inspired by the famous October 17, 2006 suicide case of Megan Meier. The case involved a falling out between Megan and her good friend named Sarah Drew. Sarah’s mother, Lori, decided that a good way to get back at Megan for the problems she caused her daughter was to make a phony MySpace account and pretend to be a boy named Josh Evans. While Lori used this phony MySpace account, a number of people taunted and harassed Megan. Megan committed suicide shortly after. Lori was arrested and convicted 2008 and appealed her case in 2009.

Want more Envy? Check out the next installment in the Empty Coffin Novel’s called Betrayal!


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