Teen Tuesday: A Touch Morbid

A Touch Morbid by Leah Clifford

Reviewed by Jesse P.

atouchmorbidThe book A Touch Morbid is the second in the Touch Trilogy. The series is centered on the supernatural theme of the war between Heaven and Hell. In most series that have this same theme, Leah Clifford answers a question many readers have: What happens to those who are killed in the crossfire between angels and demons? The answer is that they are stranded on earth in a form of limbo.

The series focuses on a girl Eden who falls in love with the angel Az. In A Touch Mortal she dies and must deal with her situation as well as forces that seek to use the powers she can spread with a touch. A Touch Morbid continues her struggle despite her defeating evil incarnate in the previous book. Now Eden holds secrets that threaten the safety of herself and her friends, Lucifer himself is on the loose and angels are beginning to take notice of her and her friends’ peculiar circumstances. As her world crumbles, Eden must find a way to protect all she holds dear and even that might not be enough. The book continues with A Touch Menacing where everything comes to an end.


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