Teen Tuesday – My Boyfriend is a Monster!

myboyfriendisamonsterSchool’s out and summer’s here.  Club Read has begun and we’re rewarding teens for reading anything they want!  Here’s a little brain candy to get you started.

Our library recently received the graphic novel series My Boyfriend is a Monster.  Each book revolves around a different high school girl and the “monster” she falls for, and with titles like I Date Dead People (#5) and Wrapped Up in You (#6), it’s not hard to guess what kind of monster each volume features.  Although the books are written and drawn by different author and illustrator teams, they do share a “girl meets boy, girl finds out boy’s a monster, girl loves him anyway” arc.  But that’s just the jumping off point, as each monster brings his own unique challenges to the girl’s life.

There’s peril and drama and kissing galore throughout the series.  I liked the illustrations in My Boyfriend Bites and the storyline of I Date Dead People, but volume #8, A Match Made in Heaven, is my favorite for its San Francisco setting, the manga-esque illustrations, and its main character, Glory Conroy, who yearns to become a comics creator.  When a guardian angel bonds with her instead of her best friend, Glory becomes the only person who can save her friend’s sister.  Mean girl cliques, a demon cousin and a comics festival round out the story.

Since each book can be read as a stand-alone title, readers can simply choose the books with their favorite monsters without fear of losing continuity.  But at roughly 120 pages each, most readers could probably devour the entire series in a couple days.  And those who do will spot two minor characters with recurring roles, the guidance counselor and a teacher.  Finding how these two are portrayed differently in each book is a fun Easter egg.

With sweet romance, light horror, and swoon worthy monster boys, My Boyfriend is a Monster makes for a great summer read and a fun way to fulfill your Club Read challenge.   Which monster books are your favorites to recommend?


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