In the Stacks: eMedia – Help is on the way!

In the Stacks: A Blog Straight from the Mind of Steve

emediaHello, my dear readers. It is time once again to mention some more amazing services that your local library has to offer. I wanted to touch up on something that I’ve mentioned before in a blog long long ago. That subject being none other than LVCCLD’s eMedia Catalog. Now here at Whitney Library, we are planning on getting serious about our eMedia services this summer. We understand that our catalog keeps adding more and more electronic copies of materials, added to the fact that thousands upon thousands of you fine patrons are getting Kindle Fires and iPads for presents and have finally decided it is time to get some free stuff loaded onto them. Since that is the case more often than not, many of you keep putting off eMedia because you can hardly get past even turning on your electronic devices; and personally, I can’t blame you guys. If any of you remember my last blog about eBooks, you’ll recall how long it took me to realize I could get eMedia downloads onto my iPod Touch!

Now I completely get that since this e-download stuff started happening it seemed like rocket science to master how to set up your device and download materials from our website ( in case you forgot). However fellas, the library district has honestly felt your pain, and we want nothing more than for you all to freely check out our eMedia services and start downloading our awesome materials that we have available for check out. So… I’d like to take this time to share some helpful tips on how to further proceed with mastering our eMedia Catalog. For starters, once you log onto our website you select the tab on the top left of the screen titled “Books, Movies, & More”. That will bring you to a new page where you will see five grey tile boxes on the top of the screen. The box furthest to the right as you shall see is called simply “eMedia”, select the box and it will show you links to everything you need to know about the online catalog. It will give you a quick start link which will give you step by step instructions on what software to download and how to start browsing our online catalog for downloadable titles. There are links to FAQs and more helpful hints about eMedia. There is also a link to tell you what devices you can use with our eMedia and what type of files can be put on each device as well (like EPUB, PDF, etc.). And if you still find yourself lost and bewildered online without any idea of what to do next, you can always call our Virtual Library at 507-6300 during regular business hours and someone will happily assist you.

In terms of eMedia services within the library, Whitney Library is offering wonderful help this summer! We have just set up an entire display up front devoted to promoting our great eMedia catalog. There are bookmarks, fliers with detailed instructions on how to download titles, and many MANY books about service and maintenance for all those different e-book devices out there. And on a side note, the wonderful librarians in Reader Services are looking into setting up one on one sessions for interested patrons about some hands on instruction with managing your devices and setting up your eMedia accounts (but shhhh… it’s not official just yet, but keep your eyes peeled for any news about that service later in the summer). The point is guys; we would love nothing more than to help you with your eMedia questions and concerns as much as possible. We are all trying to master this new wave of technology and the ways books and audiobooks check out nowadays, and we want to be able to give you all the help that you need. And before I forget patrons, if you are marked in our system as a Henderson resident, you will unfortunately not be able to access our eMedia catalog. But you can always stop by a local Henderson location and they should be more than happy to let you use their eMedia catalog. So stop on by everybody! While your kids are signing up for our fabulous Summer Reading Program, head over to your Reference/Reader Services area and look into getting some e-books this summer.  And don’t forget we also have other online services like Freegal and Zinio for online music and magazines!


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