Teen Tuesday – Slated: A Review by Taylor P.

slated“Can you know the truth if your memory has been erased?”  Kyla has had her memories erased and personality wiped blank. She has been slated.

Slating is the government’s way of dealing with teen terrorists by giving them a second chance as a new person with a fresh start. Those who become slated are given a Levo, which is a bracelet fitted to the person that monitors their mood by numbers. If the Levo detects unhappiness or anger it will stun or even kill the person if it gets too low in numbers. Kyla has been locked in the hospital for 9 months and will finally be able to live with the family the government chose for her.

As Kyla becomes settled in her new home she can’t help but notice that she is different than others who have been slated. She has vivid dreams, almost like memories, and always finds herself questioning everything. Kyla knows people are lying to her and there is more to the government slating people than meets the eye. People are disappearing after being taken by the government and Kyla seems to be the only one to notice, care, and ask questions. Kyla is different. Will her curiosity and difference lead her to finding the truth about the government and their secrets? Find out in Slated by Teri Terry.

Slated has to be one of the ultimate psychological dystopian thrillers I have read in a while! I loved the characters and found many qualities the main character had within me. I loved how the concept of slating and government fell in place with terrorists and ended up showing conspiracies within the power of government. The psychological aspects of the storyline drew me in and helped me capture the emotions I would have in this slating predicament. Slated by Teri Terry was a great read!

If you liked Slated by Teri Terry you might enjoy reading Pure by Julianna Baggott or Eve by Anna Carey! Book #2 of the Slated series is called Fractured and will be published on September 26, 2013.  Enjoy!  Check out some other great reviews on my blog at http://heartgrabbingbooks.blogspot.com/!


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