Teen Tuesday – Who Done It?

whodoneitJon Scieszka rounds up a stellar group of author suspects when he investigates a murder most foul in the new anthology Who Done It?  Over 80 children and young adult authors and illustrators have contributed to this madcap premise centering on the murder of book editor, Herman Mildew.  Apparently, Mr. Mildew was so loathed there was no shortage of subjects to interrogate and as Mr. Scieszka points out, all the authors involved are liars with something to hide.

Excuses, er, alibis run the gamut.  Adele Griffin and Lisa Brown, author and illustrator of the YA Civil War ghost story, Picture the Dead, offer a wonderfully twisted illustration of themselves in their suite at the Ritz, accompanied with a list of 10 reasons why they are innocent.  Mo Willems, author and illustrator of the beloved picture book Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, writes in a short two line entry that he couldn’t possibly have killed Herman Mildew because he was busy killing someone else!  Gayle Forman, YA author of If I Stay, Where She Went and her latest release, Just One Day, has several pages of Twitter feeds that not only set up a fund for her murder defense but also has a hashtag identifying her as an icepick killer.  And the list goes on and on: John Green, Libba Bray, Lemony Snicket, Lauren Myracle, and too many other great novelists to include them all.

With summer fast approaching and school almost over, it’s time for some reading fun.  And Who Done It? has plenty of that. The format makes it so easy to browse through – just pick and choose whose alibi you want to read.  What a great way to enjoy some tongue in cheek humor from a favorite author and maybe even discover a new one along the way.


One thought on “Teen Tuesday – Who Done It?

  1. OH MY GOSH! Where have I been!? I know and love about half of the authors listed on the cover of this book! I MUST HAVE IT!!! 🙂

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