Teen Tuesday – Some KILLER book reviews by Taylor P.!

Kill Switch by Chris Lynch a Review by Taylor P. (YA novel)

killswitchDaniel is about to head off to college to study philosophy and his grandfather has just been diagnosed with dementia. Daniel doesn’t want to leave to college and come back knowing that his grandfather has succumbed to his dementia. He has made a pact with himself that he will spend every second with his grandfather until he leaves for college. During their quality time together, Daniel can’t help but notice his grandfather’s weird behavior and crazy stories. Daniel thinks they aren’t real and are a figment of his dementia. That would be the case except for the fact that people from his grandfather’s past are showing up out of nowhere and aren’t giving Daniel good feelings at all. He knows that people from his grandfather’s past are out to get him and will do whatever he can to ensure his grandfather’s safety.

Review: At first I was intrigued with the novel’s storyline and loved the relationship between family members. Daniel and his grandfather reminded me of the relationship my grandfather and I had. I would say that the story included action, adventure, and comedy. I thought there were some excellent qualities about family, dark pasts, and education in the novel that would catch many people’s interests. Although I did like the novel, there was one thing I didn’t like about it, which was the sort of “rambling” storyline. One scene you’re here and then the next you’re there! Other than that, it was great!

I Am Not A Serial Killer by Dan Wells a Review by Taylor P. (adult novel)

John Wayne Cleaver isn’t a normal boy. He studies serial killers and over the years has become obsessed with them. He iamnotaserialkillerknows that he is dangerous and has tried everything in his power to control his real potential. John has made specific rules to live by in order not to become a serial killer. Think that’s weird? He works as a mortician getting dead bodies ready for their funerals. Recently a murder happened in their small town and John thinks that there is more to it than what people are thinking. He thinks there is a serial killer on the loose in their town and now he’s going to find him.

The 15 year old teenage protagonist in the novel made the story even more chilling to read. The fact that this young boy could have so many dark thoughts was enthralling and gave the story so much more dark meaning. The twist within the novel showed the true meaning of the saying, “things aren’t always what they seem”. I thought this novel was an excellent mystery read and captured the true emotional terror of a serial killer on the loose. From gruesome details of carnage and death, I Am Not A Serial Killer was amazing.

Did you like I Am Not A Serial Killer by Dan Wells? Then you might enjoy I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga!

I Am Not A Serial Killer Trilogy

Novel #1 – I Am Not A Serial Killer (2009)

Novel #2 – Mr. Monster (2010)

Novel #3 – I Don’t Want To Kill You (2011)


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