In the Stacks – Download FREE MAGAZINES!

zinio_logoI believe it is a necessity that I kick myself in the behind for not writing this blog sooner! It has been about a whole month since the Library District introduced a brand new service for all you fine patrons in the valley. What’s the name of this amazing, awesome, splendid, scrumtralescent (any Will Ferrell fans out there? No? …Ok) feature you ask? Well I’ll tell ya! The name is as follows: Zinio. Sounds kind of like a European shoe company I know, but what this service provides everyone is nothing short of astonishing towards the Library District’s effort to better providing wonderful resources for our patrons. Zinio is accessed through the District website ( for all of you curious fellas out there), and the purpose of this site is to give you all free magazines!!!

Now, I have to admit, I thought the District would have tapped out of free online services after they set up eMedia and Freegal. But now that we have Zinio, I really don’t know what more a patron could ask for. As most of you may know, we have eMedia for checking out all downloadable catalog items such as books and audiobooks online. We also have Freegal to download 5 free songs a week per library card (that would be my personal favorite). To access Zinio, all you need to have is your library card number and your PIN number. You will also need to set up an online Zinio account. Now don’t panic, because to set up the online account all you have to do is put in an email address and make up a personal password. I was able to get that done in a minute flat. After that is all set up, you are free to download as many of the featured magazines that the site has to offer, and there are literally hundreds of titles to choose from! I know firsthand that people love to check out magazines from the library, and now that we have Zinio you won’t even have to rush in and fight over the most current issues anymore.

As I said before, you can download an unlimited amount of magazines through Zinio. You are also free to keep those magazine downloads forever! That’s right folks, the downloaded magazine files won’t ever expire or disappear from your computer. That is such a relief to me because now I don’t have to fret over whether or not to subscribe to Mental Floss. It will be right there for me to read whenever I want! Did I mention that I love the Library District? Hahaha Well what else can I say, guys? All we need now is for the Library District to give us all free eReaders, a patio with a nice view, and some fancy, sippy drinks with those cute umbrellas, and we are set for life!  Ok everybody, enough of my silly talk. It’s time for you all to go forth and enjoy this excellent new service! Happy hunting everybody; and until next time, y’all stay classy.


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