In the Stacks: Twisting the Night Away-My Experiences “Going Vintage” at Clark County Library

I started this blog thinking I wasn’t gonna have too much to say, but I felt that I needed to add in some personal feedback from the Lindsey Leavitt meet and greet at the Jewel Box Theatre last week. It was quite simply one of the best events I’d been to in a while and I needed to share my experience with you all! The event was to mark the release of Lindsey’s new YA book Going Vintage. All attendees were encouraged to dress from their favorite era. Lindsey was right up front in the theatre, decked out in full fashionable attire, ready to sign any books purchased by all attendees and to hand out personalized bookmarks. It was very nice to see her family had shown up to help out as well. I ended up deciding on dressing up as a grunge punk from the early 90’s and I feel I sold the outfit very well. 😀 Lindsey gave a stellar talk to her audience and was extremely funny and entertaining while sharing her advice on writing, seeking sponsorship from agents & publishers, and also how great little chocolate doughnuts are as a snack. There was an unbelievable turnout of people, about 60 altogether! It was also a tremendous treat to see Lindsey’s friend and fellow author Tera Lynn Childs was sitting up front to cheer Lindsey on. Tera has released such works as Forgive My Fins and Oh. My. Gods. It was so cute seeing so many children and adults both showing costume contesttheir “vintage” pride as they showed up in their doo-wop dresses and psychedelic shirts. I made the smart decision to not enter the costume contest at the end of the talk, but I did root for the people that did. I have also decided when my nieces are a bit older I’m going to get them the Mrs. Leavitt’s Princess for Hire series. And hey, I might even be able to have them signed by Lindsey to give to them at that time, who knows? Ha-ha Lindsey is such a sweet person, and I’m not just saying that because I found out we went to the same high school, I’m being sincerely genuine here folks. For any of you who have ever considered writing, you should follow Lindsey’s words for the wise (no pun intended). She has an abundant amount of tremendous insight in that regard, and I personally found it to be quite useful.

hair dryerI also wanted to share that while waiting in the ever growing line after the talk I bumped into a woman named Sarah. We got to talking about stuff like Lindsey’s books and also about the Vegas Valley Book Festival (past and future). Then I found out that Sarah and her friend Lisa in Wisconsin run a blog of their own named “Girls with Books”. I asked for a card which Sarah graciously gave me, and I checked out the page as soon as I could. I got to tell you guys, it’s an amazing site! The blog page is full of reviews for some great titles, and it has tons of what I love best, author interviews. So for all of you fine ladies and gents out there, if you are truly a fan of reading, and you enjoy wonderful commentary on books and the writers who write them, you quite simply MUST check out this site. Here’s the webpage address:

I also wanted to take this time to say thank you so much to Suzanne Scott for her unbelievable efforts in making this event Loretta and Judisuch a huge success! The set up in the theatre was absolutely astounding! Suzanne also helped set the mood quite well by featuring a personally made mixed tape of mega-hits from the 60’s and 70’s (I was so tempted to buy a copy myself). Also, there were little chocolates wrapped with pictures of the Going Vintage book cover. It was mighty impressive, Suzanne. Thank you so much again! And I also want to thank our wonderful, awesome techs who helped set up the event. Thank you so so much to all of the fellow staff and volunteers who helped out, and definitely Miss Judi for her inspiring me to go to this event and take part; I so appreciate it. And to finish of course, thank you most of all to the academy and to my family for all of your love and support- OH, WAIT! Sorry… wrong thank you speech. 😀


Photos by Loretta Brunell and Suzanna Scott


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