In the Stacks – Steve takes the Hub Reading Challenge!

hubreadingchallengeOk… It is time I got to challenge myself in this fine new year. Our amazing Youth Services Assistant Miss Judi has inspired me to take part in this excellent challenge. Now it started all the way back in early February, but it goes all the way until June 22nd. That gives me a little over 3 months to read/listen to just 25 titles of various materials primarily based around our fantastic Young Adult Collection. How am I feeling right now? Confident. How likely am I to finish these titles in that timeframe? … We shall see. Now I have never been a devoted reader, sad to say. Yet I feel that I can easily take down this challenge and hold my head up high. It is also a good thing that the challenge ends on the 22nd because that will give my over worked brain time to rest in time for my birthday on the 24th. Whew! It’s also such a fantastic thing to be participating in this challenge because that gives me at least 3 months worth of blogging material.  YAY!!! 😀

Now don’t you worry fellas, this doesn’t mean that all of my blogs from here on out will be about this challenge, I still have me a few ideas up my sleeve for other blog subjects as well. Ok… I am off. I have to print out that list of available books to read/listen to for this challenge and get going. There will be more to follow dear readers and until next time… stay classy.  – Steve

Are you interested in taking the challenge?  Visit to learn about how you can join in the fun!


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