In the Stacks: Meet our Access Services Manager, Sufa!

blogpicIt seems like light years ago that I first had the pleasure of working with the amazing Sufa Anderson. I was working as a Circulation Assistant at Summerlin Library when we got a new Youth Services Department Head. The previous Youth Services Department Head (the also very amazing) Kathy DiGeorge left to pursue a wonderful new promotion in the district. Our new Department Head was none other than Sufa; who was this energetic, multi-tasking, fabulous librarian. She made an unbelievable Youth Services Department Head! Whenever she was working, you knew stuff was getting done. So, it only seemed right when what seemed like only a matter of months rolled by, that Sufa was promoted to Assistant Branch Manager at Summerlin Library. Once again, she dominated the workdays. She fit in so well to her new duties. Since then, she has been working so hard all the way up the ladder in the Library District and has now landed the job of Access Services Manager for the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District! Well… in an effort to try out my interviewing skills, and to touch base with her after so long, I reached out to Sufa to say “hi” and ask if I could have a couple minutes of her time to make some light conversation. I sent her a list of questions to answer whenever she could. Of course, faster than I could blink I get a response in my mailbox from her. This is my feedback from her:

1: Ok Sufa, I will start this off with a curve ball; how are you doing today?

Sufa: Great, thanks – I’m always grateful to wake up and have another shot at things!

2: Could you tell us some highlights involved with your position as Access Services Manager?

Sufa: I am fortunate enough to work with a variety of people on lots of different projects. I love that there’s always a ton to do and it’s different every day.

3: What has been the most fun you have had while working with the library district?

Sufa: Though I have enjoyed every position I’ve held with the Library, I’ve always loved working with children. I would definitely say my years in children’s services were the most fun.

4: If you could have one dream job with or without the library, what would it be?

Sufa:  Wow! I’m truly happy with what I do, so that’s tough. Maybe next time around I’ll be a chef, yum.

5: Is there anything special you have on your reading list right now?

Sufa: I’m always looking for tools for working with my children. Right now I’m reading “How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character” by Paul Tough.

6: Do you have any special message or advice to share for any staff members or for the public?

Sufa: I really believe that “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi. Invest your energy in the things you believe in and always be working towards those beliefs.

7: Are your kids going to be participating in the Summer Reading Program this year?

Sufa: They certainly will – they love this program, especially logging onto to log the time they’ve spent reading.

8: Is there a song that you’ve got stuck in your head right now?

Sufa: Actually, yes – Fun’s “Carry On” keeps running through my brain.

9: I know that you helped get all of the libraries set up with our new wireless printing program, how has that been going so far?

Sufa: It’s been running smoothly – no complaints, which is always wonderful!

10: Well Sufa, I thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions for me; to finish up, would you like to share any personal motto or leave us with some food for thought?

Sufa: Hmm – see #6 = )

I’d like to take this time to thank you so much again for your time Sufa! I see in retrospect my questioning got a bit repetitious; guess I have to work on that.  Hahaha As always it’s such a pleasure to be working alongside you in this District. And to all of your readers, until next time… stay classy.


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