Teen Tuesday – Take Home a Teen Romance!

skyiseverwhereValentine’s Day is coming soon and what better way to celebrate than with a thoroughly absorbing romance novel!  Teen Tuesday is delighted to offer a free copy of The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson to the first person who claims it at Whitney Library’s Young People’s Dept.

An absorbing story of love and loss and the messy complications both bring, The Sky is Everywhere is narrated by 17 yr. old Lennie who is grieving over her sister’s unexpected death.  Beloved older sister Bailey was the shining star of the family and Lennie was content to bask in her shadow, just as she was content to remain second clarinet in the school band.  Now, in her grief, Lennie finds herself drawn to Toby, her sister’s boyfriend, as both try to grapple with their loss.  At the same time, she is attracted to Joe Fontaine, a new student and gifted musician.  Both offer her comfort of a different kind.   With Toby, Lennie shares memories and a past, while Joe offers her a future of new experiences and budding love.

Expertly portraying the crushing weight of grief, The Sky is Everywhere clearly shows how Lennie must learn to navigate and take charge of her life as it is now.  She uncovers some startling revelations about her absent mother, her protective gram, and even her sister Bailey.  A poignant touch throughout the book is Lennie’s poetry, left behind on scraps of paper and bits of trash or scratched into the sides of buildings or onto trees.

But ultimately, this is a story of love: the breathless, quaking, falling-for-the-first-time love, the rock solid love of one’s family, the love of music, and love’s power to heal.  Despite her heartbreak, Lennie’s voice is fierce and funny, her descriptions of Joe ache with longing.  As Lennie say, “I look into his sorrowless eyes and a door in my heart blows open.”  Readers can learn more about Jandy Nelson and her book by checking out her website here.  Missed getting the free copy?  The library has the book available for check out, so reserve a copy today.


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