In the Stacks: February begins with a new policy on magazine checkouts!

In the Stacks: A Blog Straight from the Mind of Steve

Well if ever there was a time to throw out an “O-M-G” it would be right now. Here it goes… OMG! —I have just gotten wind of some new information within the library that I feel needs to be put out here post haste. Now as many of you guys know, you can check out up to 50 items on your library card. For all of you who didn’t already know, yes you heard correctly; please make sure to breathe right now. Also, for all of the items checked out on your account (which can be DVDs, CDs, new books, audiobooks, etc.), you can renew them as many times as you would like as long as there are no outstanding holds for the item(s) —BREATHE DANG IT!!!

lateSo it should go without saying, but magazines are the perfect item that fits into this new awesome model of circulation policy… or so you thought! Sorry, that may have come off a bit overly dramatic, I apologize. You see fellow readers, it has been our policy since last year that you could check out up to 50 magazines on a library card and since magazines are non-requestable you could renew them… forever almost. Unfortunately dear readers, this is no longer the case. It has come to my attention that as of 2/1/13, any magazine checked out on your card which would be due back three weeks from the check out date, will only be able to get renewed once. For those of you horrible at math (such as myself… love having a calculator handy) that is a whopping six weeks total that you can have a magazine checked out for on your card. Ok… now I have to remember to breathe.

I have been told that the primary reason for this sudden change is due to the fact that our more current magazines (the eye-opening, mega smashing, latest & trendiest editions) that we display on our shelves are flying off at a rapid pace; and since there is no way to request these copies, no one else has a chance to see them once the first patron checks them out and brings them back who knows when. So this new policy kind of makes sense now, huh? But… I would be remiss in my duties of customer service in this district if I didn’t at least mention some helpful tips to aide us all with this new transition.

It might seem unfathomable to most of you, but six weeks really is a long time. I personally would love nothing more than to have all the latest copies of Real Simple, Bon Appetite, and Mental Floss (Don’t judge me!), but even if I was able to have all those magazines, and was able to take all the time I wanted to look at all of the great pictures and skim through all of the semi-fascinating articles, they would still be piled up unread in my kitchen, or nightstand, or who knows where else, and I’d be too lazy to ever bring them back anytime soon. So my main recourse would naturally be to keep renewing them until I got off my lazy butt and decided to finally bring them back with me to the library. And when all is said and done, how fair is that of me to take away these materials from someone who may really like, or might actually NEED to see them? I don’t know why there would be a need exactly, but who am I to judge?

Also, something else to remember is that magazines don’t process overdue fines; our .25 cents a day rule doesn’t apply on those. Other outlying branches or maybe even other districts in Vegas might charge fees, but not us. YAY! So even if they come back a day, a week, maybe even a month late, you aren’t getting dinged for a replacement cost of a magazine ($5.00 to all of you out there who are interested), and you won’t end up owing some egregious amount in late fines. So… should it seem absolutely necessary to hold onto that latest magazine with the in depth article about Sofia Vergara, just know that you have options should it come back to us past your six weeks. And don’t forget to think that if you were the lucky one who got the most recent edition of your favorite magazine, we have hundreds, maybe thousands of other people who might like to see it soon as well. Until next time dear readers, stay classy.


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