In the Stacks: A Blog Straight from the Mind of Steve – Unwrap Some Holiday Due Date Exceptions!

unwrapAs we come up on the ever so festive holidays this winter, many of you might be having some concerns regarding your library items and when they might be due. As we all know, check-out times for library items range from 1 to 3 weeks at a time and renewals are always possible for any item that does not have an outstanding hold on it. That certainly helps all of you fine patrons as you are planning your delightful winter vacations because the last thing any of you should be worrying about is getting your 50 DVDs returned before the library closes and before you board that plane hours away from enjoying the holidays cuddled up with your families.

Well, the District feels your pain and doesn’t want you to worry about a thing this holiday season. So for the benefit of you grand library patrons, I will fill you in on some library exceptions we have in store for you this winter. To start, anyone who came in December 3rd and 4th of this month and checked out any items for 3 weeks (books, CDs, audiobooks, etc.), those items will not be due back until December 26th. This is due to fact that our libraries will be closed December 24th and 25th. And based on the rationale that the library doesn’t expect you to have items due on a day that we are closed, we have automatically programmed our computers to extend the due dates of these items. To further delve into this matter, the same goes for our two week items (new books and DVD sets with more than 3 discs inside) checked out the 10th and 11th and also on our 1 week items (DVDs) checked out the 17th and 18th.

So, try remembering that if you checked an item out around this time, you should not feel the need to panic and attempt coming in on Christmas Eve to return your stuff when you thought it was due, and why?… THE ITEMS WON’T BE DUE! You get to enjoy those fabulous items all through the holidays. (HOORAY!) But for anybody with items due the 23rd who may get that sudden chill of worry on Christmas Eve about getting that big late fee come the 26th, here’s a simple hint that will help you guys out. If you place your items in the outside drop box anytime after we close the 23rd until early morning (long before we open) on the 26th, all of those items will be getting backdated to the 23rd and then no late fees can be accrued on your accounts. And if you want to extend an item past Christmas, by all means give us a call on the 26th to renew them, or just go to your online account and renew them until you can come in and drop the items back off. Another great thing about all of this is that the same thing happens later in the month for items due on New Year’s. But please keep in mind that that only applies to items due on the 1st!

The libraries will be closed on January 1st but we will be open December 31st until 5:00 pm! So that automated extension of items only applies to items that would ordinarily be due on the 1st. Although, if by some chance this information is just too much to process right now; remember that this info is obtainable for you at anytime. For instance, when you do check out an item, keep your receipt and you will see that no item you checked out is going to say it’s due back the 24th & 25th  of December, nor the 1st of January. And at the very bottom of your receipt is the library’s phone number so that you can call during our work hours with your card number to extend any items you have while you may be out of town or unable to come to the library during the holidays. Also, you can go to and log into your account to see when all of your items are due back so that you are up to date on the due dates. You can also renew any of those items (that don’t have outstanding holds on them) anytime, even while you’re opening up those awesome presents you will be getting this year.

And for any of you with hold items expected to come in around this time of year, you have some fancy perks heading your way as well. Now the rule is that library holds that come in for you ordinarily will sit on our hold shelves for 7 days from when they first get processed at your home library. There are certain cases when items from a different library district (Henderson, North Las Vegas, etc.) will be on our shelves longer than that, but it is always safe to assume 7 days is the time you have to come in and pick up your holds. HOWEVER, if an LVCCLD hold item comes in for you 7 days prior to the holiday dates, then you will be receiving extra time to pick them up! That being if an item would ordinarily get pulled on the 24th or 25th it gets extended until after the 26th , and for items that come in and get pulled on January 1st, they don’t expire until after the 2nd. Also, if a hold item comes in prior to the holidays and sits on our shelves during the days we are closed… then once we open up again you automatically get the extra time (2 extra days after the 25th and 1 extra day after the 1st) to pick up the item(s). Making sense to you guys?  …. Hope so!

The whole point is that all of us in the District want your holidays to go by swimmingly. We don’t want you stressing about late items and due dates while you’re off planning family get-togethers, and ginormous feasts, and of course lots and lots of wrapped presents. We want you all to have a wonderfully happy holidays and a fantastically jovial new year’s!!! Did I use enough adjectives there? Hahahaha


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