Spotlight On Seth MacFarlane: A Blog Straight Out of the Mind of Steve

It would seem that if anyone heard the name Seth MacFarlane, the first thing that would come to mind is Family Guy, or perhaps American Dad. For me, I’d have to say it would be Gangnam Style on Saturday Night Live, but that’s just me! Either way, it’s safe to say that even though Seth MacFarlane is debatably a genius in terms of modern day animated television shows, he also has quite an impressive singing background.

Seth is very well-known to incorporate a lot of musical theatre and various song & dance numbers which are either performed, parodied, or referenced at random intervals within his many shows. Clearly, Mr. MacFarlane has a strong affinity to that type of entertainment. Actually, MacFarlane has stated that he is greatly influenced by the likes of the old Rat Pack alumni of Las Vegas (which would make a great deal of sense since Frank Sinatra, Jr. has made numerous appearances on Family Guy), as well as many of the great crooners out of that era. As for modern day music… not really his forte.

So, what I wanted to highlight on today isn’t his acting or vocal work on TV, nor his strong beliefs in the Democratic Party, gay rights, or even his being an atheist. It would be about his singing talents. And here in the Library District, you can hear it for yourselves.

For all of you Family Guy fans, Seth MacFarlane released an album back in 2005 titled Family Guy: Live In Las Vegas. It features him and the whole gang (Alex Borstein, Mila Kunis, Seth Green, etc.), as well as a few noted celebrities like Jason Alexander and Haylie Duff. The album is brought together with music by Walter Murphy and His Orchestra (that would be the composer for the music on Family Guy). The CD definitely carries with it all the humor and enjoyment that you can see on the TV show.

And to show just how much Seth MacFarlane favors the old hits from what he calls “the great American songbooks particularly the early- to late-’50s era of orchestration”, in 2011 Seth released an album composed by Joel McNeely called Music Is Better Than Words. It is a true homage to the singing icons he loved so much growing up and also features wonderful duets with the likes of Norah Jones and Sara Bareilles.

You can check out both of these CDs from the library and to any true fans out there, it is well worth a listen.


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