In the Stacks: A Blog Straight out of the Mind of Steve – The rules have changed! How to check out FIFTY items at once:

Did you know… that since January 1, 2012 the Circulation Policy for all LVCCLD patrons changed??? I’m sure by now most of you have heard and also experienced what changes I am referring to, but for all of you out there that are still in the dark; allow me to fill you in.

First off, the amount of items you can check out on a library card has changed. Now you might wanna brace yourselves for this because if you’re still thinking you can only check out 35 items on your card including 7 DVDs and 2 foreign language items; then you’re in for quite a treat. The limit has actually gone up to 50 items on EVERYTHING! If you’re a music buff and want to get 50 CDs or you’re a movie fanatic and want to watch 50 DVDs in a week, then go for it! Just don’t forget that for the movies, unless they have 3 or more discs, you only have a week to watch them all. So don’t be late with your movies or else those 50 late DVDs can bring your fines up quite high very fast. Doing the math, (I had to double check on a calculator for this one) being one day late with 50 items brings you up to $12.50; and you must remember, your fine threshold is $10.00. Although I must say, it’s still better than paying about $10.00 to watch one movie in the theatres. But who’s really here to hear my opinion.

Also, to any patrons now fretting because you’d like to have those 50 movies but don’t think you can watch them all in a week, don’t you worry because now you can renew those DVDs as many times as you want. That’s right! If there are no outstanding holds on the item(s) you have checked out, feel free to renew them as long as you want. That goes for everything from foreign language materials, books, movies, CDs, etc. Another big change is that the limit on holds went up as well. The low, petty 20 item hold limit went up to a strong, hearty 25 items! Woot woot! That’s a whole five extra items you can request at a time. (And I didn’t need a calculator on that one, whew!)

There has also been a change to the long standing rule that states you can only check out one copy of the same title. You are now able to check out numerous copies of the same titled item. Which means all you Hunger Games and Twilight fans out there; you can relax now because you can get two copies of the books now instead of just one (in case you want to read it twice). The other awesome game changer is that if you are an out of state patron to the library then you can rest assured that if you decide to get a library card with our District, you are eligible for all these great perks too! It used to be our policy that out of towners had restricted item limits on their cards. However, if you are currently a resident of Boulder City or North Las Vegas, you might still be restricted to a certain amount of items (more in a 20 item range), but are still able to use the computers and all of that other fun stuff. So for all of you anxious to try out these new polices with your library card, go on out there and feel free to check out those 50 different copies of Downton Abbey. (Don’t lie! You know you want to!)


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