Teen Tuesday – Ghosts, and witches, and romance…oh my!

What’s more perfect for Halloween Eve than a ghost story? Here’s a decidedly different take on ghosts that’s more than your usual paranormal romance . . . .

Texas Gothic by Rosemary Clement-Moore

17-year-old Amy Goodnight is the “normal” one among her family of witches, or so she claims, as the narrator of this sassy, supernatural ghost story (but how normal can she be when readers are first introduced to her yelling at a cow, outside, in her underwear?). Amy and her sister are caring for their aunt’s herb farm when Amy mistakenly attracts a powerful ghost, whose appearance coincides with the discovery of human remains at the neighboring ranch. She also attracts the attention of 19-year-old Ben McCulloch, her acerbic ranch neighbor who doesn’t believe in spells, ghosts, or anything paranormal. But there are strange events going on and soon everyone in town is talking about the accidents and the odd lights and sounds coming from the site where Ben’s family is trying to build a bridge. Is it the “Mad Monk”, a local ghostly legend, or is Amy’s specter somehow involved? Part mystery and romance, with a dash of forensics, history and snarky humor, this fast-paced ghost story is firmly grounded by its rich Texas setting and distinctive cast of characters. An engaging page-turner that will have readers not only racing to get to the bottom of this ghostly mystery but enjoying the crackling dialogue as Amy and Ben spar their way to a budding romance. Fans of Texas Gothic should be on the lookout for Clement-Moore’s next book, Spirit and Dust which will be coming out in May 2013 and starring the Goodnight family again, this time featuring sister Daisy and her ability to talk to the dead.


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