Nifty Nonfiction Book Review – Satisfy your morbid curiosity with How They Croaked!

Teen Tuesday celebrates the scary month of October with a nonfiction book that informs and terrifies at the same time!  Learn the gruesome details behind the deaths of some of history’s most famous people.

How The Croaked: the awful ends of the awfully famous by Georgia Bragg

How They Croaked offers up a morbidly fun look at the deaths, and lives, of 19 of history’s most famous rulers, scholars, writers, composers and presidents. Each chapter introduces the famous life and more specifically, details the gruesome death of each famous individual, beginning in chronological order with King Tut and ending with Albert Einstein.

Despite the weighty subject matter, Kevin O’Malley’s black and white portraits and illustrations lend great comic appeal along with the author’s breezy explanations of arcane medical practices that did more harm than good. Sources at the end not only include the bibliography, but also suggest further reading and web sites with games, historical timelines and additional research. There’s even a diagram showing personal connections that many of the famous shared.

How They Croaked promises to be a chilling yet informative Halloween read and might provide you with some inspiration to write your own story for our Teen Scary Story Contest.  Just write or type your own original scary story and turn it in at the Whitney Library Children’s Desk by October 31 to be entered into a drawing for SPOOK-tacular prizes!


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