Teen Tuesday – Another Giveaway!!

Enjoying the Olympics?  Getting ready for school?  Wondering how teen athletes even manage to have personal lives while juggling intense training schedules?  In Surviving High School by M. Doty, Emily Kessler must do just that because in her family, it’s all about the swimming.  Having a father who’s a former Olympian, and her coach, is bad enough, but Emily’s sister Sara was on track to becoming a world class swimmer herself before she was killed in a car accident.   Now, Emily feels the pressure to be the best at everything as she begins her freshman year — making perfect grades, winning swim times, and training hard to stay in top shape.  She barely has time for her best friend, Kimi, who’s begun scoping out the high school social scene for them both.   Standing in Emily’s way are Dominique, her closest swimming competitor and the queen bee of the popular crowd, and Ben, cute potential boyfriend material who’s been sneaking over late at night.   A recipe for disaster?  Completely.   Along the way, Emily makes some startling discoveries about her perfect athlete sister as she questions whether the important decisions in her life are really hers, or her father’s?

This book doesn’t come out until September 4, but YOU could read it before it comes out.  Be the first to stop by Whitney’s Young People’s desk and ask for the Advanced Reader’s Copy of Surviving High School, and it’s yours to keep!  All you have to do is ASK, and this FREE book is YOURS to KEEP!!


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