Teen Tuesday – To Infinity and Back!

Like last week, here are a couple of sci-fi titles that may have you contemplating life beyond the stars.

Across the Universe by Beth Revis: The spaceship Godspeed is traveling from Earth to a new Earth, a trip expected to take 300 years.  Amy joins her parents in cryo sleep, only to be awakened 50 years too early where she meets Elder, future leader of the ship.  As Amy struggles to discover who is killing the “frozens” and why, she learns about the strange life aboard the Godspeed and the mercurial control exerted by Eldest on its inhabitants.  Amy and Elder’s discoveries about what is happening and their unique points of reference are told in alternating chapters.  First of a trilogy, the second book, already available at the library, is called A Million Suns.

Alien Invasion by Brian Yansky: Jesse is having the worst day of his life–an alien race has taken over Earth and enslaved all “product” with any kind of latent telepathic abilities.  The rest of mankind, unfortunately, has been exterminated.  As superior product, Jesse is placed in the home of Lord Vertenemous where he meets several other young people and plans an escape to join rebel humans in Taos, New Mexico.


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