Meet Billy, our fantastic Customer Service Department Head!

Billy has been working at the Whitney Library off and on for about 15 years!  His favorite thing about his job is helping our patrons get what they need.

Did you know that you can get your first library card for FREE with picture ID?  When asked what he wants the community to know about our services, Billy said, “The library is one of the best deals in town.  When you think about how much it would cost you to buy all of the items you could check out, even the late charges you incur don’t seem that bad!”  You can read more about how to get a free library card by clicking here or by calling us at 507-4011.

Billy also says, “If you think you aren’t able to use the library because you have issues on your library card account, please don’t be afraid to come in and talk to us.  We want patrons to have access to the services we offer.”

One of Billy’s favorite books is Steel Beach by John Varley.  This book uses social commentary to portray a futuristic view of our society that he doesn’t think is too far off the mark.

Billy is a wonderful part of our staff, and he always goes above and beyond to be helpful when he can.  If you have any questions about getting a library card or dealing with issues on your account, talk to Billy.

Billy and the rest of us thank you for using the Whitney Library, and we hope to see you soon!


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