Meet Bryce, one of our incredible Customer Service Assistants!

Bryce has been working at the Whitney Library as a Customer Service Assistant for two action-packed years!

His favorite thing about his job is meeting and serving Whitney’s extremely diverse clientele.  He wants to let everyone know that we have an AWESOME collection of music CDs, all the way from mainstream pop to indie, and even world music!  Did you know you can even download music for free from Freegal?  Just log in through our web site to download and KEEP 5 songs per week!

Bryce has been reading the Walking Dead graphic novel series by Robert Kirkman, and it is definitely his favorite right now.

Here are some fun facts about Bryce: he speaks Spanish very well, his favorite color is green, he has a twin sister, and he’s a vegetarian!

Make sure to stop by the Customer Service desk the next time you come to the library and say hello (or hola!) to Bryce.  Bryce and the rest of us thank you for using the Whitney Library, and we hope to see you soon!


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