Teen Tuesday – What dreams are made of!

Attention, Teens!  It’s already week four of the Summer Reading Program!  Still not signed up yet?  Don’t worry, there’s a whole month left to earn book bucks and enter into the grand prize drawing for a Sony eReader.  Register online or visit the nice people at Whitney’s Young People’s Department.  Trying to figure out what to read?  Talk to us, in person or on Facebook!  And speaking of what to read, here are some great suggestions….

In the following three books, dreams are more than just little movies for the sleeping mind.  They play a major role in each story.  But the books share other themes as well.  They all include school settings and troubled homes, parents who are damaged in some way, and main characters who share a deep sense of isolation and helplessness.  Because all three books have real world settings with contemporary family drama, fans of realistic fiction may enjoy these titles more than readers who favor fantasy.  Descriptions of graphic violence and sexual situations (particularly in the Wake series) make these titles more appropriate for older teens.

Everybody Sees the Ants by A. S. King – Lucky Linderman is not a very lucky boy.  Bullied by a classmate and ignored by his parents, he begins having vivid dreams of his grandfather who went missing in action in Vietnam, dreams that are becoming more realistic.

 A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness – Conor is visited by a monster at night who is ancient and demanding, telling him stories of murder, betrayal and loss, but this is not what scares him.  It’s the monster from his nightmares that he finds truly frightening.  Winner of the 2012 Carnegie Medal.

Wake by Lisa McMann – first of a trilogy.  Janie doesn’t have dreams of her own.  Instead, she’s forced into others’ dreams through a special power that is beginning to physically affect her.   Then, she makes the startling discovery that in some dreams, she can be seen.

It is OUR dream that you read for fun this summer and earn prizes!  What books are keeping you up into the night?


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