Meet Tanya, our awesome Youth Services Department Head!

Tanya is our new Children’s Services Department Head and has been working at Whitney for almost one whole month!  She has held many positions at different branches in the Library District for the past 10 years.  One of Tanya’s favorite things about her job is doing storytime for toddlers and preschoolers, but her FAVORITE thing is learning alongside other learners because she is naturally (and insatiably) curious.

Tanya wants to remind everyone that our Summer Reading Program is continuing until the end of July, and it’s a great way to help kids establish a love of reading.  It’s still not too late to sign up!  You can visit our web site or stop by the children’s desk at the library.

Tanya thinks the best kids’ book in the world is The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf.  She also recently read and loved a book for adults: Blue Nights by Joan Didion.

Tanya has never had chicken pox, and her BFF is her precious Pekingese Prince.

Tanya and the rest of us thank you for using the Whitney Library, and we hope to see you soon!


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