Teen Tuesday – PROM!

Signed up for the Teen Summer Reading Program yet?  Do it online or in person in the Young People’s Department.  With this summer’s theme “Own the Night” as our inspiration, last week’s challenge was to recommend books that took place over the course of a night, and what night is bigger in a teen’s life than . . . PROM?!

The dresses!  The dancing!  The decor!  Here are two recent titles that take decidedly different views of prom night.  First up is Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick by Joe Schreiber.  Clever use of college essay questions begin each chapter of this fast-paced, action-packed thriller.  Gobi is a shy, homely foreign exchange student living with Perry’s family.  Up to now, Perry has managed to kindly ignore her until his mother forces him to take Gobi to the prom, which happens to be the same night that Perry’s band has their first gig in New York City.  Hoping to make a quick evening of prom so he can still perform with his band, Perry has no idea that Gobi has a plan of her own — one that will put his family in danger and get him chased, beat up, kidnapped and shot.  If the Alex Rider series ever took Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen to a dance, it would probably look something like this.  Over the top, but fun.

In Ditched: a Love Story by Robin Mellom, Justina is literally climbing out of a ditch when her story begins.  Prom was supposed to be Justina’s chance to maneuver her best friend, Ian, into the perfect kissing spot and declare her true feelings for him.  It was definitely not supposed to be the “abandoned with strangers” night that it turned into.  Sitting in a 7-Eleven, Justina tells her sad story using her dress stains and bruises as visual aids.  Disastrous decision-making and kooky characters may have some readers wondering if Ian was on the right track when he ditched Justina in the first place, but fans of books like Anna and the French Kiss will enjoy this romantic comedy.

We want to hear from YOU!  This week’s challenge: comment on our Facebook post and tell us about your favorite prom book or a favorite moment from your own prom and you’ll win something awesome.


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