Teen Tuesday – Up All Night

Our Teen Summer Reading Program “Own the Night” just kicked off June 1 (and there is still plenty of time to get signed up if you haven’t already!).  Let’s start with that theme and see if we can get some suggestions for teen books that take place over the course of a night…and a day — a book where everything occurs in a 24 hour period.  Let’s start off with The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer Smith.  Here’s a review of this great book by our very own Miss Judi:

17-year-old Hadley is going to spend seven hours fighting her claustrophobia on a red-eye flight to London.  Once there, she’ll race the clock to make it to her father’s wedding because she’s a bridesmaid — to a new stepmother she’s never actually met, and one she’s determined to hate.  Her only saving grace is Oliver: charming Londoner, Yale college student, and new airport acquaintance who just happens to have the seat right next to her.   Can one overnight flight be the beginning of a real relationship or are family events going to get in the way?   If you’re a romance fan with a fondness for English settings, here’s a book that will keep you up at night — only because you’ll be racing to finish it!

Can you think of any other books for teens that take place over a 24 hour period?  Or, just tell us what you’re reading for the Summer Reading Program!  Comment on our Facebook post and we’ll give you a cool bookmark the next time you come to the library to help you keep your place in all the awesome books you’re reading this summer.


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